A look back - Oklahoma

Aggie Websider takes a look back at what went wrong for the Aggies this weekend against Oklahoma. Were the Aggies able to successfully manage any of Big D's Keys to Success?

Five Keys to Success
1. Throw the ball
Oklahoma boasts the No. 71 pass defense in the country. The Aggies have got to let McGee throw the ball, and this time, not wait until they're down. McGee showed last week in the fourth quarter against Kansas that he is capable of throwing the ball down field and this his receivers are at least better than average. This is the only way that A&M has a chance this weekend in Norman, where Stoops has lost just two games in nine years.

Did the Aggies throw the ball? - NO McGee was 15-for-28 with 155 yards and a touchdown on a 24-yard desperation pass to Martellus Bennett well after the game was in hand for the Sooners. Whether it's because of average receivers or McGee's inability to see downfield, the Aggies just cannot get any rhythm in the passing game this year, even against the No. 71 pass defense in the nation.

2. Don't give up the big play
Oklahoma has a lot of playmakers on offense, especially wide receiver Malcolm Kelly, who is averaging nearly 18 yards per reception and leads the team with eight receiving touchdowns. If OU begins to burn the Aggie secondary early and often, it will be tough for the Aggies to stay in the game offensively. They've got to keep it close and battle it out in a low scoring game.

Did the Aggies avoid the big play? NO The Sooners had three rushes for 15 yards or more, and three passes for at least 25 yards. Bradford connected with Malcolm Kelly for a 45-yard bomb and Jermai Gresham hauled in a 38-yard catch of his own. If the Aggies had a shot against Oklahoma, they needed to avoid the big plays.

3. Turnovers
I should just copy and paste this from the last three weeks, but I'm getting paid to write this, so I'll come up with something new. Bottom line, when the Aggies win the turnover margin, they win the game. When they don't, they lose the game. The good news for the Aggies is that Oklahoma has committed 27 turnovers so far this year, 14 interceptions and 13 fumbles lost. If they don't protect the ball, the Aggies will make them pay and could pull off the upset.

Did the Aggies win the turnover battle? NO Once again, the Aggies went on the road and turned the ball over, the first of which, really seemed to take the Aggies out of the game, even though it was early. The Aggies lost two fumbles and were unable to force any turnovers of their own to help even it out. You cannot go on the road against a top-10 team and expect to compete with turnovers.

4. Aim for the under
Oklahoma has the No. 1 scoring offense in the nation, and the No. 11 scoring defense in the nation. They average more than 44 points per game and allow just 17 (Hence my 42-17 prediction). If the Aggies are to have any chance at all in this game, they've got to hold Oklahoma under 30 points.

This is where the muffed punt comes back into play again. A&M had traded blows with Oklahoma and looked solid on defense before giving Bradford and Co. a short field to work with. If A&M could have scored first, the defense may have played with much more inspiration, but the air seemed to be let out of their balloon following the first turnover of the game.

5. Keep the Oklahoma receivers in check
The Aggies aren't known for their secondary, but they'll be called on this week to shut down the one-two punch of Juaquin Iglesias and Malcolm Kelly. The two combine to average 150 receiving yards per game and have combined for 14 touchdowns. If they have a big day at the expense of the Aggie secondary, it won't matter what the A&M offense is able to do.

Did A&M keep the OU receivers in check? NO The OU wide receivers and tight ends hauled in 19 catches and averaged nearly 15 yards per reception. That's not what the A&M secondary coaches had in mind when working on a game plan to stop the Sooner offense.

OVERALL PERFORMANCE: 0/5 The Aggies were unable to successfully complete any of Aggie Websider's keys to success, which may explain the 42-14 drubbing by Oklahoma.

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