Aggie Websider Dance Team Profile

Aggie Dance teamer Allison Schulke will profile a different member of the squad before each home game and give their prediction for the game. As the Aggies get the season underway tonight against McNeese State, we introduce you to Allison.

If you've been to an Aggie basketball game, you've noticed the Aggie Dance Team. I mean, how could you not?

At the Aggies' NCAA appearance in Jacksonville, the dance team was the talk of the town. The conversations in the media room centered around them, and the CBS camera guys loved them.

Now, Aggie Websider will introduce you to all of them in an exclusive feature before each home game.

Three-year Aggie Dance Team veteran Allison Schulke is currently taking 14 hours of class, volunteers several hours a week at the College Station Medical Center's physical therapy department, works out three days a week as part of the team's mandatory work out regimen and spends 20-30 hours a week in dance practice to prepare for each game.

Beginning next Tuesday, she'll start profiling one of the dance team members before each game. So as the Aggies kick off the 2007-08 season, we thought we'd introduce you to the newest member of the Aggie Websider team.

NAME: Allison Schulke
MAJOR: KINE - Motor Behavior
HOMETOWN: Sugar Land, TX

AW: Allison, why did you decide to join the Aggie Dance Team?
Allison: I've been dancing for so long and it looked like a lot of fun. Honestly, I didn't make it the first time I tried out. I made it in the fall instead of the spring. That one year, in 2005, they had a tryout in the spring and they did one in the fall and I think that was the only time they did it in the fall.

AW: Do you have to try out again each year?
Allison: Yes, unless you're an officer

AW: What's your favorite Aggie sport?
Allison: I like them all, but basketball is my favorite right now, probably becuase we've been so good since I've been at A&M.

AW: Do you ever get heckled as an Aggie Dance Team member?
Allison: Nothing's really happened to me other than getting stalked on Facebook or something. People will write us and try to hit on us over the internet--which isn't the best approach. I got one that said "you've got the best smile I've ever seen."

AW: What do most people not know about the team?
Allison: We work really hard and we're really devoted to basketball for six months straight, plus we're all really good students.

Favorite road trip? Big XII tourney in Dallas my freshman year

Favorite song? She's Everything by Brad Paisley

Favorite Movie? This is a tough one but id guess...Because I Said So

Favorite TV Show? Brothers and Sisters, The Hills

Favorite College Station restaurant? Johnny Carinos

What's something most people don't know about you? That I grew up in a small small town (edna)

Least favorite class you've taken at A&M? Math 131

Freebirds/Chipolte? Freebirds

Shakes/Marble Slab? Marble Slab

Rockets/Mavericks/Spurs? Rockets

Cowboys/Texans? Cowboys

What's your prediction for the McNeese game? I don't know what the score will be, but the Aggies will win.

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