Texas Aggie Dancer of the Game

Aggie Websider and Aggie Dancer Allison Schulke continue to profile members of the Texas Aggie Dance Team prior to each men's basketball game at Reed Arena. Saturday's Texas Aggie Dancer of the game is four-year dance team member and co-captain Amanda Cannon.

Amanda Cannon, 2007-2008 Co-Captain
Hometown: Garland, TX
Classification: Senior, 2008
Major: Human Resource Development, Business Minor
Years on Dance Team: 4

Favorite Dance Team Memory?
Dancing at my first but hopefully not last Sweet 16 game in San Antonio

Favorite Dance Team Trip?
Kentucky for the first round of the NCAA tournament. Lexington is not the most exciting town but we still found plenty to do and had a great time.

Favorite BBall Player this year?
Josh Carter has always been my favorite player and he knows it. He is so entertaining to watch on the court, and he is also a great guy off the court. I can't wait to follow his career someday and count how many 3-pointers he makes each game.

Favorite Restaurant in CS?
Boston's is probably my favorite place in CS right now, and we ALWAYS go there after the games. It's convenient because it is one of the few places still open that late, and a second happy hour starts at 10:00PM :)

Favorite Movie?
This one changes a lot....but the last movie I saw in the theatre was "License to Wed" and it wasn't the greatest movie ever but it was funny to relate to.

Favorite Song?
This one changes a lot too.....but my all time favorite is probably "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain

Favorite TV show?
Grey's Anatomy, I'm addicted. Something most people dont know about you? I really like ducks. I think they are the coolest thing and I used to chase them around the golf course behind my house when I was little.

Least Favorite Class at A&M?


shakes/marble slab?
Marble Slab

Definitely the Mavericks


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