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Aggie Websider mods give you their best shot for Friday's regular season finale against arch-rival Texas. Do the Aggies have a chance against No. 13 Texas? Aggie Websider has the answer.

Dallas Shipp (BigD03)
This time last year, I had a feeling that the Aggies were going to pull off the upset. I told my friend and she thought I was crazy. This year, I've got the same feeling and this time, she's listening.

One of two things will happen this weekend at Kyle Field. Either the Horns will roll over an A&M team that has given up, or the Aggies will pull out a close win that sends the Longhorn Nation into a total uproar, especially after Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma and Texas would have gone to the Big 12 Championship game. And as long as Stephen McGee is able to walk, giving up will not be an option, no matter what kind of distractions are going on off the field.
Texas A&M

24 - Texas 21

David Sandhop (Hop)
The Aggies usually play the Longhorns tough at Kyle Field. It's been a disappointing season for the large collection of seniors, and about the only thing that can come even close to salvaging this season is a second straight win over Texas. But it will come down to more than emotion, and the Aggies actually match-up much better against Texas than the previous three opponents. First, the Texas offensive line is weakened greatly by several key injuries to Dallas Griffin and Tony Hills. The key will be tackling and minimizing Jamaal Charles' yards after contact. If they do a good job there, then the offense should be able to run the ball on their average linebacker corps. The Aggies will also need a positive turnover ratio. I think they will.

Texas A&M 20 - Texas 17

Chip Winfrey (AgE2theBONE)
Well, it's rather something to sit here and try to predict the outcome of T+1. Can't help but recall all those predictions made prior to the beginning of this season, and how amazingly prescient we all turned out to be.

Of this I am confident, however: Everything else that has happened this season notwithstanding this Friday (and it is certainly true that everything else has indeed happened this season), the Aggies will avail themselves of that precious resource that overcomes every other advantage: Rivalry Hatred. And on Kyle Field, this Aggie team--full of rivalry-pumped desire--will demonstrate that when the other factors are rendered less prevalent, the "Boys that show the real old fight" have enough talent and desire to kick the hell out of the Longhorns.

Texas A&M 31 - Texas 17

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