Aggie Websider Dancer of the Game

Allison Schulke continues to profile members of the Texas Aggie Dance Team, which just got back from traveling to the New York with the men's basketball team for the NIT Season Tip-Off. Tonight's dancer of the game is Tiffany Pichanick.

Tiffany Pichanick
Hometown: Katy, Tx
Major: Marketing
Class: 2008

Favorite Dance Team Memory?
Going to Dallas for the Big 12 Tournament my sophomore year.

Worst pick up line ever used on you?
He dropped a sugar packet, then says: "Hey I think you dropped your name tag."

Worst first date?
I ran into my dates ex girlfriend at a pool party and she was obviously uspset and after exchanging a few choice words she decided to push me and of course I landed in the pool, soaking wet.

Favorite place to study?
Hastings on Holleman

Favorite Place to eat?
McAlisters Deli

Favorite Pizza?
Papa Johns Pizza

Something you want people to know about the dance team?
We have existed for twelve years and have become one of the few nationally known, highly technical, dance teams

Favorite thing you like to do when not in class or at a game?
Watch a movie or sleep

Best class?
Introduction to Marketing

worst class?
Introduction to Astroturf

Favorite Song?
Cry by Faith Hill

Favorite Movie?
Friday Night Lights

What do you want do after college?
Marketing, Promotions, or Public Relations for a Professional Sports Team

What's your favorite city outside of Texas?
Memphis Tennessee

Snow skiing in the Rockies or getting a tan on the beach?
tan on the beach

Favorite spring break destination?
Cabo San Lucas

Favorite holiday, why?
Christmas because of the lights and christmas carols the home cooked meals and my family

What would you do with $50 million
Support myself and my family, buy a few luxury items (years and years worth of makeup and shoes) , give some to charity, and invest the rest.

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