Sherman's offense dominates Broncos, 31-13

What kind of formations does Sherman like to use with the Texans? What kind of play calling tendencies might he bring with him to the Aggies in 2008? Aggie Websider takes a look at the Texans' offensive performance on Thursday night in a 31-13 win over the Denver Broncos.

The Texans had nine drives (not including the final possession where they ran the clock out) and scored four touchdowns and a field goal. Rosenfels threw an interception to end one drive, and the Texans punted the ball at the end of the first half on a possession that seemed like they were content to go to the locker room up 10-6 at the half.

For all practical purposes, they scored on five of eight possessions, with two punts and an interception on non-scoring drives.

The play calling was excellent through most of the game with Denver playing on their heels most of the night. After Sherman and Co. made adjustments at halftime, the Texans came out on fire in the second half.

The Texans had four possessions in the second half and scored three touchdowns and threw the interception. Without the turnover, the Texans may have scored on four straight possessions as Denver's defense was doing very little to stop them.

Denver forced just four third down attempts in the second half, and the Texans were a perfect 4-for-4 on conversions.

The Texans scored on drives of 66, 74, and 69 yards in the second half.

They had excellent starting field position for the night, starting on their own 31 yard-line or better on seven of their nine drives, and starting in Denver territory once thanks to special teams returns.

The Texans ran most of their offense out of the I-formation (25 plays) and the single back set (21 plays. A shotgun formation and empty backfield were thrown in a few times, but the offense revolved around the Texans' two primary formations.

With the win, Houston is still in the playoff picture with a game at Indianapolis next week and a home game against Jacksonville in the season finale. The Texans must win both games to remain in the hunt for the franchise's first playoff berth.

CLICK HERE for play-by-play analysis of the Texans' play calling on Thursday night.

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