Aggie Websider Dancer of the Game

Texas Aggie Dance Team member Allison Schulke continues to profile members of the Aggie Dance Team. Today's Aggie Websider Dancer of the Game is Rachel Zimmerman '08.

Name: Rachel Beth Zimmerman
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Human Resource Development Minors: Business & Communications
Classification: Class of 2008

Favorite Dance Team Memory:
Freshman year in all was amazing!

Worst pick up line ever used on you?
after a few minutes of conversation.. so are you graduating from A&M with your MRS degree?

Worst first date?
can't say I've ever had a really bad first date before

Favorite place to study?
Denny's late night w/ endless hot cocoa

Favorite Place to eat?
Sodolaks! best chicken fried steak

Favorite Pizza?
Hawaiian thin crust

Something you want people to know about the dance team?
Yes, we dance at not only mens but the womens games also

Favorite thing you like to do when not in class or at a game?

Best class?
Comm Persuasion

worst class?
OrganiC Chemistry

Favorite Song?
Do you wanna dance with somebody- Whitney Houston, but I am a country girl

Favorite Movie? hmm... A League of their own?
i don't know

What do you want do after college?
live comfortably and Travel

What's your favorite city outside of Texas?

Snow skiing in the Rockies or getting a tan on the beach?

Favorite spring break destination?
I have always been dancing during SB

Favorite holiday, why?
Christmas.. Jesus, Family, the smell in the air, the music

What you miss most about home?
just being able to have time to spend with family and friends, we dont get to go home to often

What would you do with $50 million? What couldnt you do with 50 million dollards?
invest, invest, travel everywhere, help St. Jude, buy a ranch house & horses, a high rise in NYC, and a beach house in California, and share

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