Reynolds discusses his favorites

After visiting A&M's "Game Night" camp last summer and the first "Junior Day" in January, where do the Aggies fall on Aldine Eisenhower's Jaz Reynolds' list of favorites? Aggie Websider visits with the blue chip wide receiver.

Certain football programs historically have produced a significant amount of Division I collegiate talent. In the 1980's it was programs such as Dallas Carter and Sugarland Willowridge who poured talent into the college ranks. In the 1990's, it was programs like North Shore and Lufkin that constantly had college coaches stopping by the football offices to eyeball the latest talent. In 2008, you can add Aldine Eisenhower (TX) to the list with Top 25 talents like senior Rod Davis, junior Craig Loston, receiver Greg Timmons, and now, wide receiver Jaz Reynolds.

The 6-foot-3, 180-pound receiver, who debuted at No. 57 on last week's M&W Report/Aggie Websider Top 100, caught 31 passes for 675 yards and six touchdowns despite sharing production with Timmons, who is ranked No. 25 on the list. Colleges are already showing interest, due to his excellent hands and skills in route running.

"I go into each play thinking that every ball is mine," Reynolds said. "I can go up and get it. I can catch the ball across the middle and absorb a hit. Overall, I'm confident in my route running. Anybody with speed can run down the field. It's something else to know how to get open and be where you need to be to make the catch."

Reynolds believes he had a solid junior campaign, but expects even more next year as a senior. He has already identified areas in his game where he plans to make improvements in the off- season.

"I want to be more aggressive off the line and separate quickly from press coverage," Reynolds said. "I also want to improve my blocking, and I'm going to work on getting every jump ball next season."

His successful junior season has earned him several invitations to junior day events at high D-1 programs such as Texas A&M, LSU, OU, Notre Dame, Texas Tech, and Virginia to name a few. He was in town last weekend for Texas A&M's first junior day, and he came away impressed with the new staff.

Reynolds has been to Texas A&M for the Game Night Camp and other events, so he was already familiar with the surroundings, so getting to know the new staff and hearing their thoughts on the game was his top priority.

"They know what it takes to get you on the field and into the league (NFL)," Reynolds said. "They've worked with the best of the best, and they know what they are doing. I also liked that they said the offense was going to be balanced, not just passing or running. You need balance to be successful at both."

Reynolds does not have a leader at this point, and wants to look around at several schools before narrowing his list. However, he did mention interest in Texas A&M, LSU, Virginia, Notre Dame, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma State.

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