Shepard discusses LSU visit

Texas A&M quarterback target Russell Shepard took a trip to Baton Rouge this weekend to check out LSU. What was his initial reaction to his weekend on the bayou? What did he like? What didn't he like? Is LSU his new favorite? Where does A&M stand? Aggie Websider has the latest on Shepard's recruiting process.

The state's top-ranked prospect on the M&W/Aggie Websider 2009 Top 100 has been busy visiting several schools on his top list of choices. The past two weekends, Cy-Ridge quarterback Russell Shepard took in junior days at in-state rivals Texas A&M and Texas, but the 6-foot-2, 195-pound signal caller crossed state lines and toured LSU on Saturday. The trip received high marks.

"LSU impressed me so much. They are good people there," Shepard said. "Coach Miles is an amazing coach. I liked the campus setting and Baton Rouge is a good college town. I also have family and friends there, so it's not like I'll be a long way from people I know."

Shepard indicated that the rumors that he almost committed were true and that LSU gives him everything he's looking for in a school. However, he wanted to see some more schools and do some more research before ending the process.

"Yes, I almost committed there. It has everything I'm looking for. They want me as a quarterback. The depth chart is favorable, and LSU will compete for championships. Plus, I just liked it there," Shepard said. "But I want to see the other programs on my list. I still want to visit USC, Florida, and Michigan."

Shepard then wanted to address some of the things he's reading on the Internet that suggest he's having fun with the process and telling people what they want to hear.

"This is my life. It's not a game, and I'm not going to treat it like a game. This is an important decision in my life that I take seriously. I'm not going to have a press conference and play with a bunch of hats and make a big deal about my choice," Shepard said. "I get agitated when I see some of this stuff. What I'm feeling for LSU is serious. "

Shepard wanted to be clear that he has not closed the door on any school, and that he's still looking closely at his two previous in-state favorites, Texas A&M and Texas.

"I'll be honest with you. If I had to choose today, it would be LSU," Shepard said. "But I'm still looking around and doing research, and with this process I figure out something new every day so I'm not going to rule out anybody on my list. I still want to go see Texas and Texas A&M again. Coach Sherman and Coach Rossley are great coaches and I'll stay in touch with them. I'm still open to going through this process and seeing what I feel at the end."

Shepard doesn't have a specific timetable or deadline for a decision. However, as a mid-term graduate he'd like to pick his school sooner rather than later, and definitely before the start of his senior season.

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