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With teams like Baylor and Texas A&M still trying to make their case for NCAA Tournament bids, what teams around the country still have work to do in conference tournaments? Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp has all the information you need for Championship Weekend.

Here's a look at where the Big 12 Conference teams sit heading into Championship Weekend. Three, maybe four teams are in for sure, with Baylor and Texas A&M trying to make their case for a trip to the Big Dance.

Big 12 (6)
(1) Texas – LOCK
(2) Kansas – LOCK
(4) Oklahoma - LOCK
(3) Kansas State – ordinarily, the No. 3 seed in the Big 12 is a lock for the tournament, but there are several talking heads who seem to question the Wildcats' credentials. I think they're a lock, but unfortunately for A&M fans, they may be looking to prove a point on Friday night against the Aggies.
(5) Baylor – As long as they don't lose to Colorado in the 5-12 game on Thursday, they're in.
(6) Texas A&M – With a win against Iowa State on Thursday night, I think they're in. If they can grab another win against Kansas State on Friday, they're a lock.

Now what should you watch for around the country? Here's a look at the top seeds from each conference, and a rundown of who A&M fans should be pulling against. The number in parenthesis to the right of the Conference name is the number of teams ESPN's Joe Lunardi currently projects to make the NCAA Tournament field of 65.

Big East (7)
(1)Georgetown – LOCK
(2) Louisville – LOCK
(3) Notre Dame – LOCK
(5) West Virginia – Win against No. 12 Providence on Wednesday night and they're a lock. Even with a loss, the Mountaineers are probably still safe.
(6) MarquetteVillanova put the pressure on Marquette and Pittsburgh with a win against Syracuse. If Nova is able to beat Georgetown on Thursday night, Marquette will want to make sure they don't suffer any bad losses that cause them to get leap frogged.
(7) Pittsburgh – The Panthers can't afford a loss to Cincinnati on Thursday night, and then they'll need to be pulling for the Hoyas on Thursday to keep Villanova from grabbing the last spot in the Big East.
(8) Villanova – They'll face off against Georgetown in a revenge match up after losing on a horrible foul call 75 feet from the basket with .2 seconds remaining in the regular season. With a win, they could punch their ticket to the Big Dance.
A&M fans should cheer against:Marquette, Pittsburgh, Villanova

Pac-10 (6)
(2) Stanford – LOCK
(3) Washington State – LOCK
(4) Southern California – LOCK
(5) Arizona State – A win over No. 4 seed USC and Arizona State should be good to go. Even with a loss, the Sun Devils should be okay unless Arizona gets hot and ASU loses in the first round.
(6) Oregon – The Ducks need to beat Washington State and then could meet up with Arizona for a winner-take-all showdown on Thursday night for the last at large bid out of the Pac-10.
(7) Arizona – The Wildcats need a win over Oregon State tonight and find a way to beat Stanford on Thursday at the very least. If they can do that, then a win over Washington State probably gets them a bid. This is a tough one for A&M fans because Arizona wins help the Aggies' RPI, but they could steal another at large bid away from the Big 12.
A&M fans should cheer against:Oregon

Big Ten (5)
(1) Wisconsin – LOCK
(2) Purdue – LOCK
(3) Indiana – LOCK
(4) Michigan State – The Michigan State/Ohio State game may be the biggest game of the night on Frday night, and may be even more important for Ohio State. Depending on what goes on, the loser of this game may be hosting the NIT instead of heading to the Big Dance.
(5) Ohio State – If Ohio State falls to Michigan State, they still have a shot, but both teams can end all speculation with the win on Friday night. A&M fans should probably pull for Michigan State and hope that the Big Ten only gets four teams in.
A&M fans should cheer against:Michigan State

SEC (5)
(E1) Tennessee – LOCK
(E3) Vanderbilt – LOCK
(W1) Mississippi State – LOCK
(W2) Arkansas – Assuming Vanderbilt knocks off the SEC West No. 6 seed Auburn on Thursday night, a win against the Commodores would seal Arkansas' Big Dance bid. A loss to Vanderbilt could leave the Razorbacks on the outside looking in with such a weak SEC this year, especially if the cards fall right for Ole Miss and Kentucky. But I think Arkansas is in fairly good position.
(E2) Kentucky – The Wildcats' game against the winner of Mississippi vs. Georgia is a must-win game for first-year coach Billy Gillispie.
(W3) Mississippi – With a win over Georgia, the Rebels could set up a winner-take-all game on Friday night against Kentucky. Even with a win over Georgia and Kentucky, it might not be enough to get them in the Big Dance, but could keep Kentucky out as well.
A&M fans should cheer against:Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi

ACC (4)
(1) North Carolina – LOCK
(2) Duke – LOCK
(3) Clemson – If they can beat Maryland once again (assuming Maryland beats Georgia Tech on Thursday night), the Tigers are in.
(4) Virginia Tech – The Hokies will face off against the winner of the Miami-NC State game. Assuming that Miami beats No. 12 seed NC State, this game could decide the ACC's last at large bid.
(5) Miami – The Hurricane's can't afford to lose to NC State, giving Maryland a shot at leaping them for a possible fifth bid for the ACC. A&M fans should be pulling against Miami and Maryland in this tournament for sure. The ACC will get four teams in, just because it's the ACC, but Big 12 fans don't want Miami or Maryland sneaking in and grabbing up at large bids in the final week.
(6) Maryland – The Terps will have to make a run to get back into the NCAA Tournament talk after blowing a 20-point lead at home to Clemson. With a win over Boston College, they'll set up a rematch with No. 3 seed Clemson on Friday night in what could be another winner-take-all match up. They've got several bad losses that could cost them in the end. They need to win as many games as possible to receive an at large bid.
A&M fans should cheer against:Virginia Tech, Miami, Maryland

Mountain West (3)
(1) BYU - LOCK
(2) UNLV – Can't afford a loss to TCU on Thursday. If they get past the Horned Frogs, they should be good to go, but then they'll likely face New Mexico in a game that would seal the deal for one team.
(3) New Mexico – Like UNLV, they can't afford to lose to No. 6 seed Utah. As long as both teams win on Thursday night to square off on Friday, they will probably both get in, however, that game on Friday could be an insurance game for one team.
A&M fans should cheer against:UNLV and New Mexico

Atlantic 10 (2)
(1) Xavier – LOCK
(2) Temple – They've got a pretty low RPI and not much to show for a resume, other than a good run through the Atlantic 10 schedule. They probably need to win the A10 Tournament to have a legit chance of making the NCAA Tournament.
(3) Massachusetts – One of Lunardi's "Last Four In," UMass has to avoid any early losses as the No. 3 seed in this week's Atlantic 10 Tournament. They'll play the winner of Charlotte and Rhode Island on Thursday night. A loss in that quarterfinal match up could burst their bubble.
A&M fans should cheer against:Temple and U Mass

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