Scouting Report: Ryan Mossakowski

Aggie Websider visits with Centennial High School's Coach Howard about his prize recruit quarterback, Ryan Mossakowski.

Websider: Thanks, coach for taking the time to visit with us today. On a scale of one to five, could you please rate Ryan on the following attributes: strength, speed, athelicism, and technique?

Coach Howard: Strength, I would say a 3.5 to a 4. Speed, I'd say 4+, he's not blazing but he is really quick and agile. Athleticism, I would go with a 5 overall. And technique, if there were a 5+ I would say that. He is very coachable and just does everything right.

W: What are your overall thoughts on Ryan as a player?

C: Of all the years I've coached, and that's been alot now, he is the most gifted and talented player I have coached or coached against, and that includes all of the teams and players we've faced. He is the complete package at quarterback, and has all the intangibles you would want in a signal caller. He is a coach and leader on the field for the other players, and just an outstanding character guy. He is fun to be around, personable, just an asset to any locker room.

He is full of integrity, and you know you only have to tell him once on how to do something and he's going to do it like that always. Sometimes he even corrects me on things. We are out practicing and I'll tell him to watch the receiver coming across and he will say "No coach, he's going out that way" and I'll think for a second and realize he's right, he just fully understands the game and his role.

W: What are Ryan's main strengths?

C: I would say his biggest strength is his ability to make decisions, like his read progression. Here we don't just read half of the field we always read the entire field. If we are doing a 3 step drop we'll read half but otherwise we are always reading the whole field and on top of that we normally always have a checkdown pass as well to a dump off guy or running back and he is just great even with that many decisions. I would say even with all of those reads he makes the perfect read 90% of the time, literally, and he is also good at making those plays when the pocket breaks down.

He is used to a pocket breaking down a little faster than it should, but he never panics, and has the ability to take it and make plays with his feet. Also alot of times what will happen is the pocket will break down and he will begin to scramble, and you'll think he's gonna run with the ball but he will still have his head up field and find an open receiver to pass the ball to.

W: Could you tell us what is special about Ryan's skill set at his position?

C: I would say it is his throwing arm. He is a pure passer, he's not a QB/athlete type like some of these other kids playing QB, but his feet are still excellent, which really helps with his decision making. He has got great touch with the ball but can still throw hard when he needs to. I know his stats or whatever may show that he has had some interceptions but let me tell you, 3/4ths of those are bogus, they are either because it hits the receivers hands and bounces, or just bounces off a helmet, or some crazy thing like that. For Ryan I would say 3 interceptions at the most would be because of a misread, so the rest would be unfairly hurting his stats when the throw was still there.

W: What is the one thing that sets Ryan apart from the other QB's in this recruiting class?

C: Well like I said it's probably his good decisions. He's a good athlete too and he's very humble about it all, which is rare and just makes him fun to be around, he's got all these gifts and is just a fun loving, smart kid. He's the complete package. And you know looking at these recruiting services ratings and what not, I know Ryan hasn't been up at the top and part of that is our fault, we didn't send out any video to schools until after his sophomore year, and he really only picked 5 or so schools that he sent them to and that was about it.

I feel like if he would have been going to the combines earlier, like as a freshmen like some of these guys do, then alot more people would know his name, but you know I've seen the guys these services have as the top 6 or 7 in the state, I've seen all of there videos, and you know they are very good at what they do, and have a great highlight tape, but I'm not sure I've seen one that I'd put above Ryan, I really don't. Obviously I'm biased since I get to coach him but if I had to say I'd honestly put him in the top 2-3 guys in the country.

W: What does Ryan need to improve on to contribute at the next level?

C: I would say the main thing is he needs to get in the weight room, which is hard for him right now since he is back to back to back with football, basketball, and then baseball. He is not a skinny guy, but he definately has room to grow, and he will, he'll fill out, but he just needs to get in there probably is the main thing I would say. He is not an option game guy anyways, you know, he could do it if he had to, but you wouldn't want him doing it play after play, because I'm not sure he could take the constant pounding. He is a pure passer though and that is what he excells at.

W: How is the recruiting process going for him?

C: He right now has 4 Written offers - Auburn, Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, and alot of other schools are starting to write. I think he's probably going to take an unofficial visit to A&M on spring break, since that is coming up. He is a very level headed guy, he doesn't need to be close to home, doesn't need to stay in Texas, but at the same time doesn't need to move away either, he will just keep his options open and find the best fit for him. He is not in any rush and says he and his dad will know when it feels right. He does have family in college station so I know that could help A&M out a bit since he would be close to them. He is a really smart guy too, so qualifying wouldn't ever be an issue. I think he made his first B this year, so that should speak for itself.

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