Sherman announces format for M&W game

With a standing-room only crowd in attendance, A&M head coach Mike Sherman finally announced the format for Saturday's Maroon and White game at Kyle Field. Aggie Websider was in attendance and has all of the details.

More than 300 Texas A&M students packed a standing-room only MSC Flagroom on Thursday to hear new head coach Mike Sherman talk about the 2008 Aggie football team. They had several good questions, one of which led to the announcement of the format for Saturday's Maroon & White game at Kyle Field.

"I haven't revealed how we're going to the spring game yet with the media, but since we're here together and you guys made the effort, I'll tell you guys right now," Sherman said. "It's so much tougher in the spring game because of injuries and when you split up the team with a draft it gets watered down, so it's going to be offense versus defense."

So how will the points be scored?

The points will be tallied under two teams on the scoreboard, Texas A&M and Texas Aggies. All points scored by Stephen McGee or Tommy Dorman led offenses will go towards "Texas A&M," while the points for the Texas Aggies will be scored by Jerrod Johnson and Ryan Tannehill led units.

"That way we really get a good work out," Sherman said.

The first half of the scrimmage will be run like a normal college football game with a working clock and 11-man scrimmages, with the first team defense going up against the first team offense, second team versus second team and so on.

The second half will be situational.

"We'll put the ball at the 32 yard line and then come into the red zone from the 20, 15, 10 and 5 and work that part of the field. Then we're going to work on 2-minute offense and then we're going to practice overtime at the 25 yard line. There will be plenty of time in the second half to score points so make sure you're sitting in the right seat in the second half."

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