AW weekend guide for Big 12 baseball

As the 2008 baseball season heads down the final stretch of conference play, who should you keep an eye on as the Aggies try to claim their first regular season Big 12 title since 1998? Aggie Websider's Lanny Hayes takes a look around the league.

Oklahoma at Texas Tech -
This bottom-of-the-barrel battle is largely irrelevant to A&M's standing for the rest of the season, but carries significant weight for the Big 12 tourney since the loser sits at the very bottom of the league. Both teams play Oklahoma State (a team whose losses help us) in the coming weeks, so momentum isn't a big voter. All being said, pull for Oklahoma to win this series. OU still has a decently high RPI and the higher they sit, the better A&M's sweep looks to the selection committee.

Kansas at Oklahoma State -
This is a simple one for Aggie fans - Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Oklahoma State is clearly the superior team and should take this series (potential sweep), but OSU's one achilles heel has been that they've played ot the level of their competition at times this year. At 11-7 in the league, the Pokes can max out at 20 wins and have the head-to-head against A&M, so any loss they have makes the Aggies' title road a bit easier. Pull for the Jayhawks, expect OSU to sweep, but don't be shocked if Kansas bites OSU with a pair of wins.

Nebraska at Baylor -
Baylor is in an absolute tailspin after being swept by the Aggies (plus the way they were beaten on Sunday) plus their mid-week drubbing by Texas. Nebraska is the team closest to the Aggies in the standings, so there's little doubt that A&M fans will pull for the Big Red to lose some games, but how feasible is it? NU is the better team on paper, but are just 7-5 away from home. A Baylor series win would be nice, but this is more likely to be a 2-1 Nebraska series victory and anything more than a single Baylor win would be significant gravy for the Aggies.

Texas at Kansas State -
Pull for the Wildcats here, but not because they're playing A&M's rival. Augie Garrido has always been the master of putting a puzzle back together when it seems unsolvable, and the last thing that A&M needs is Augie getting his team back into a groove before taking on the Aggies in three weeks. This series could literally go either way and is probably the toughest to prognosticate, so momentum may be a significant player. The winner of the Friday night game takes this series.

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