Green discusses trip to A&M

Dayton (TX) quarterback prospect Cody Green made a recent trip to College Station to watch the Aggies' spring practice. What impressed him and what interests does he and head coach Mike Sherman share? Aggie Websider visits with the blue chip recruit.

When you are a highly-touted four-star quarterback, recruiting never stops. It's no different for Dayton signal caller Cody Green, who has schools lined up at his proverbial door to solicit his talents. The 6-foot-4, 225-pound prospect is also making the rounds to his favorite schools in hopes of ending the process prior to his senior season. In recent weeks he's traveled to Texas A&M for a practice, and just last week made the trek to Stillwater to see the OSU Cowboys.

"I went up for a Friday practice at A&M," Green said. "It was fun and very interesting. They had some players scuffle and Coach Sherman didn't like it and made the team run."

Despite the flare up at practice, Green was very impressed with what he saw on offense.

"It was the closest to an NFL offense that I've seen at this level," Green said. "Everybody moved so quickly. Everything was so precise."

The big question though is whether the Dayton product saw himself in that type of offense.

"Yeah, I can see myself playing in that offense," Green said. "Coach Rossley took me aside and he was talking about the philosophy of the offense and how I fit into it. He said once you learn it and get comfortable with it, it's pretty easy."

But it wasn't all business and football talk, especially with Coach Sherman. Apparently, the four-star quarterback and the Texas A&M head coach have a very common passion.

"At junior day, I told him I was a fisherman and he said he was building a fish pond behind his house and that he loves to fish," Green said. "So we talk about fishing all the time. I told him previously that I just caught a six pound catfish and he didn't believe me. So when I went to practice, I brought a picture of the catfish and he was impressed. We didn't talk much about football."

Overall, Green said he left College Station feeling more comfortable than ever about what to expect with the new head coach and the new pro style offense. However, he was also impressed with his trip to Oklahoma State.

"The new addition to the stadium is incredible. They've put so much money into their facilities," Green said. "They were finished with spring practice, but I got to see some of the players practicing on their own. I also got to pick Coach Gundy's brain a little bit. OSU is definitely one of the schools up there on my list."

That list includes Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, LSU, Baylor, and Texas Tech.

"Texas Tech just offered me last week as a receiver," Green said. "I've been in contact with LSU some. Their coach is supposed to come down here pretty soon and I'll see where things stand. I've been to Baylor a lot and I'm familiar with Coach Briles."

Green reiterated that he'd like to make a decision by mid-summer and he also discussed the factors important in choosing a school to attend college and play football.

"Academics is a huge factor for me. You can't play football forever and I want to get a quality degree in animal science. I'd like to work in a fish hatchery," Green said. "After that I want to find a program where I can see a path to playing time and where I fit into the future plans."

Green did not name a leader and isn't sure about his plans for future visits at this time.

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