COACH'S REPORT: Deshawn Mills

Why hasn't 2008 defensive back Deshawn Mills signed already? What is it about him that makes him a target for A&M all of a sudden? Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp visits with his high school's recruiting coordinator about this and more.

Lawndale (Calif.) Leuzinger recruiting coordinator Ralph Oliver on Deshawn Mills:

Why hasn't he signed before now?
I think what initially hurt him was he got hurt in his junior season and those guys kind of excelled while he was injured and that's what held him below the radar. It wasn't talent.

When coaches came by they knew what they were looking for and he got kind of lost in the shuffle a little bit.

By him not being able to participate in any camps last year, a lot of people didn't see him and by the time our season started they were in season themselves and they already had other guys ahead of him. With California being a hot bed, the coaches already have an outline of kids they're recruiting.

Scouting Report on Mills
He has a nice burst of speed. He's very quick and very good hip movement that allows him to open up and turn and run. He had 6 interceptions this year and he ran our punts and kicks back and he almost ran two back this year. We were down by six and he almost ran the kickoff back on the last play of the season. He runs a 4.4-4.5 40.

Coverage skills
His cover skills are very good. He can play in press or off and we ran a lot of both. We ran about 65-70% of man, but we did play cover 2 and cover 4 and he excelled in all schemes. He's a very knowledgeable FB player bc he's played since he was 7 years old and he's played every position. He even kicked field goals for us one time.

Tackling ability
He's good at run support, he comes up very well and he's not scared (to make a big hit).

Mills' overall ability
He's a very instinctive player, he has a nose for the ball, the ball finds him and he's a playmaker. He was on the field with solid talent and he strived in that environment. We have a linebacker that is going to USC, and a running back that is going to West Virginia, and he is right on par with them talent wise.

What kind of teammate is he?
He's a more quiet subdued guy but he's very observant and knowledgeable. He's one of those coaches' type of players. He'll go out and give you everything he has and his teammates respect him because he shows up at practice every day and gives it his all. Even whne he was injured he was around all the time, but he's not very vocal.

What kind of person is he?
I've known him for several years and he's very respectful. I don't think I've ever heard him use any profanity. He's got a really good family structure as well.

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