Mossakowski On The Road

It's one thing to be one of the top-rated signal callers in the state of Texas and being pursued by coaches from Alabama, Auburn, OU, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Clemson, and many others. It's something else to take unofficial visits to almost all of these schools of interest. Throw in summer baseball with an elite team that travels nationally and you have a road warrior.

That's what Frisco (TX) quarterback is going through this summer, and when Aggie Websider caught up with him this week, he was in Minnesota with his BBI Premier summer baseball team.

"We're doing great. We're 10-0," Mossakowski said. "I've been playing well and swinging a hot bat. I've hit a couple of homers. My batting average is pretty good, and my on-base percentage is up there where I want it."

Asked if all of the traveling for baseball and unofficial visits to schools across the country has worn on him, the 6-foot-4, 205-pound gunslinger seems to be taking all of it in stride and appreciating his opportunities.

"Yeah, the traveling can get old sometimes, but for the most part it's not bad," Mossakowski said. "I'm lucky to have this chance to travel across the country to play baseball and to see some of the best football programs in the nation. It's a great opportunity that I feel lucky to have. I'm certainly not going to complain about it."

With Mossakowski a grizzled veteran of the road, it comes as no surprise that location and distance won't be a factor in his recruitment.

"Location won't be a factor. I enjoy traveling and seeing new places," Mossakowski said. "My college decision will be based on the best situation for my education and my football career. If that's just down the road, that's fine. If it's across the country, no problem."

Mossakowski recently attended the Clemson camp last week, and he liked what he saw with the Tigers and the surroundings.

"It was awesome. The campus was beautiful and the people are so nice," Mossakowski said. "Clemson runs a pro-style offense, which is something I'll need to run in college if I have any aspirations to play pro ball."

Mossakowski has two more trips planned this summer. In three weeks he'll travel to Tennessee to participate in the Vols camp, and then he'll head back down for a mini-camp at Auburn, a school he's seen once before.

"I enjoyed my first visit to Auburn this spring," Mossakowski said. "I wanted to go back and work with their coaches and see how they do things in a camp setting."

Mossakowski is also keeping a close eye on a program closer to home that he visited in the spring as well where his grandparents reside.

"I stay in touch regularly with Coach Rossley (A&M QB coach). He's a knowledgeable man and has a lot of insights into the game," Mossakowski said. "I enjoy talking to him and I know he'd be a good quarterback coach for me."

Mossakowski claims no leaders at this time, saying he sees many positives in all of the schools he's considering. His plan for the moment is to narrow his list to five finalists by the end of the summer and then take all five visits. Asked if the Aggies will be in that list of five finalists at the end of August, the four-star quarterback had a very succinct response.

"Oh definitely," said Mossakowski.

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