Lewis down to three

With a list that includes just one BCS level team, it might seem like a lock for the Aggies. Aggie Websider visits with Patrick Lewis about his top three and where the Aggies stand on that list.

With an eye on both Tulsa and Texas A&M already, East Saint John High School (Reserve) offensive lineman Patrick Lewis took a trip with some teammates to Louisiana Tech last weekend to see what the Bulldogs had to offer. He liked what he saw.

"Truly, it felt like home," Lewis said. "So many people from my area go to school there. My cousin is the starting running back and we just spent time catching up. We didn't even talk about football."

In fact, Ruston felt so much like home that Lewis considered making a decision on his trip, but in the end he realized that he needed to take some time to think about his options and not make an emotional choice on the spot.

"I thought about making a decision, but I felt I needed to get back home, let the trip wear off, and see how I felt a few days later," Lewis said. "It's tough. I have three great schools wanting me and I can't go wrong either way. One day I feel I'm leaning to one school, then the next day it's another."

So as of Monday night, where is the 6-foot-2, 295-pound lineman leaning to?

"I'd say I'm slightly leaning to Texas A&M. People are asking me why do I want to go somewhere I don't know anybody," Lewis said. "But Texas A&M is a close knit, friendly place with a lot of support athletically and academically. Plus, I know two guys up there, Leroy Chevalier and Rod Davis."

On paper, the Aggies would look like the logical choice, being the only school on his short list that is in a BCS conference. However, Lewis was quick to say that this decision isn't strictly about football or playing in the BCS.

"I'm looking at it more from a personal standpoint. If it was about preparing myself for the NFL or something like that, then A&M would seem to be the choice," Lewis said. "But people think that I'm looking at A&M for that reason, and that's not true. The coaches are close knit and treat you like family."

Tulsa is also a school very much on Lewis' mind. The Golden Hurricanes have been recruiting the three-star prospect longer than any other school, and their hard work has them squarely in the race with Texas A&M and Louisiana Tech.

"I'm not from Oklahoma, but I feel like I know everybody there," Lewis said. "The coaches are great. It's a tight, family-oriented staff that I like a lot. They've recruited me longer and harder than anybody else."

Lewis indicated that he would like to make a decision later in the week, but at this point it depends on being comfortable with his choice. He plans to consult this week with his family and then put it in the hands of a higher source.

"It's a tough decision. I'm praying on it every night," Lewis said. "I'm talking it over with my family and going through my options, but I'm putting it in God's hands and he'll point me in the right direction."

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