College football is here

With the start of college football season, you won't have to watch another Major League Baseball highlight until 2009. Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp takes a look at what makes this time of year so special.

You've had all summer long to build up enough brownie points. You painted the house one weekend. You mowed the yard on another. You even took her shopping. If you didn't, perhaps it's time to buy the lady in your life something nice, maybe send her to the spa with one of her friends, because Saturdays with the guys are officially back.

College football is here.

Gone are the long summer nights on ESPN filled with endless highlights of Major League Baseball—if there is such a thing as MLB highlights. Gone are the Sunday afternoons filled with channel hopping between golf and NASCAR.

College football is here.

It's time to resume the routine that we've all come to know and love.

It's time to wake up early on Saturday morning so you can catch ESPN Gameday, so you can then complain about the fact that ESPN is biased against Texas A&M, the Big 12 Conference, etc. Then you'll turn to a horrible Big 10 Conference game on ESPN and a mediocre Big 12 game on FSN. But you don't care. It's college football.

By 2:30, you'll be finished with your first six pack, just in time for the marquee Big 12 game of the week. You'll occasionally flip over to NBC to catch a little bit of the big Notre Dame game (or not).

By 6:00 p.m., you're trying to figure out a way to make a beer run before the SEC game of the week starts on CBS. I mean, can you watch SEC football without alcoholic beverages? I believe that's a class B misdemeanor in most SEC states (Alan, can we get a ruling on that?).

After another SEC thriller, you catch a little College Football Live on ESPN, perhaps a little bit of SportsCenter and you consider calling it a night. But ‘not so fast my friend.'

The Pac-10 just kicked off on ESPN2 and Hawaii kicks off at 11 p.m.

College football is here.

For those of you with season tickets, you'll spend thousands of dollars over the next four months, traveling from Houston, Austin, Dallas or even further. It will cost you extra oil changes, extra gas, and force you to buy tires sooner, and probably at least one fight with the lady in your life. But that's when you cash in your points that you built up this summer. Besides, you don't care. It's college football.

You'll get to Kyle Field hours before kickoff for your pre-game ritual with college buddies and other football fans you've met over the years tailgating and traveling to games out of town. You'll debate why in the world the Aggies ran this play instead of that play last weekend—after you spent hours throughout the week on message boards, debating the same thing.

Then you'll wander into the stadium. You'll see the sea of maroon, you'll hear the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band and you'll smell the freshly cut grass. You'll sing the Spirit of Aggieland, you'll Saw'em Off with your little boy—class of 2024—for the first time.

You'll watch every bone-jarring hit in stunning high definition on the 12th Man TV and yell to your neighbor over the deafening noise of the 12th Man. Of course, it's never as loud as it was "when you were in school."

Then you'll head back to tailgate, you'll pack up the coolers, the grills, the satellite dish and more. You'll put the kids in the backseat, knowing that you're the only one that will be awake for that long drive home.

And you know that you'll do it all again next week.

College football is here.

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