Wood dealing with ups and downs from Ike

Second Baptist quarterback Conner Wood, who is hearing from just about every major school in the region, visits with Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp about his season so far, what Hurricane Ike has done to his hometown and an unexpected trip to Aggieland.

Second Baptist quarterback Conner Wood was already planning on a busy junior season before Hurricane Ike had even formed into a tropical depression in the Atlantic. But now he's living in exile on his family's ranch in Tomball while trying to lead his football team and hearing from dozens of schools promising him a free education if he'll play quarterback for them.

"It's been kind of crazy," Wood said when asked about the hurricane's impact on his junior season. "We still have no power still at my house or half of Houston still doesn't have power."

Second Baptist returned to the football field last Friday night for the first time since the storm after just two practices while Houston still recovers from the storm.

Wood and his teammates were 1-1 through the first two games of the season, narrowly missing a chance to knock off 4A power Sealy in the season opener.

"It was a tough loss," Wood said. "Sealy is ranked in the top-15 in the state and we were actually up 15-7 in the first quarter and then it was 14-15 and they started inching a head of us. They definitely had bigger numbers in all aspects but we hung with them. We had a lot of opportunities to win the game but we shot ourselves in the foot. It's kind of good news and bad news though, knowing that we can do it if we don't make stupid mistakes."

Wood, who threw for three touchdowns and ran for another three in the first two games of the season, said the loss stung but now the team is starting to come together—despite the difficulties presented by Hurricane Ike.

"They were a good team and we hung with them and we thought we looked real good for the first game and then we won the second game (against St. Johns High School)," he said. "We got the firs twin under our belt and we're pretty comfortable now."

As far as his recruiting goes, he hasn't had much discussion with coaches while he's on the ranch and his cell phone signal leaves a lot to be desired.

"We're at the ranch (in Tomball) kind of riding it out," he said. "I haven't been doing too much because there's not much to do. No power, no water, no nothing."

But the mid-semester hiatus from school did give Wood the chance to spend a couple of days with his brother, Jeff, in College Station last week while the Aggies were preparing for their contest against Miami.

"I hung out with my brother and I actually went in to watch film of the Miami-Florida game at the Bright Complex and that was pretty cool to go into the quarterback room and I got to see how they break down the plays.

"I thought it was pretty amazing how fast the game is. Miami has a quick defense and I think it was kind of cool to watch Tim Tebow. You see him on SportsCenter talking and to think about actually playing against his opponents is kind of cool."

Wood was at Kyle Field for the season opener against Arkansas State, but he still says that Texas A&M would be a great place for him to go to school, but he does not have a list of favorites just yet.

"There's a lot of good schools out there so I'm just keeping an open mind," he said.

With interest from the likes of Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia, Arizona, Clemson, Florida State, Michigan State, UCLA, Kansas, Kansas St, Missouri, Notre Dame, Colorado, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa State, that shouldn't be too hard.

Wood says he hopes to make a decision sometime in the spring.

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