Hunter Ready for Big 12 Play

Rarely does a defensive player making his first start stand out as much as freshmen safety Trent Hunter did in their first game. Hunter, starting in place of Jordan Peterson, racked up 17 tackles including many at or behind the line of scrimmage. He received Big 12 Player of the Week honors for his performance, and spoke with media about what he has to do to get ready for the Big 12 and OSU.

"I just have to go out and prepare better this week, and try to play even better," Hunter said. "We're going to have to prepare the same as we did last week, doing our assignments right and fitting everything up perfect. I know this team is going to be a little bit faster, a little bit stronger, because we are starting conference play. The biggest difference is just to prepare like it's our last game. Everything has to be perfect."

Getting better week by week requires dedication and the right attitude through weekly practices, and that is exactly what Trent Hunter appears to have. As Coach Kines put it, Trent views every day at practice "like it's Christmas. He just loves to be out there."

"[My attitude] all started off back when we were playing Pop Warner football," Trent said. "Football is supposed to be a fun sport, and to go out there every day, you are supposed to make it seem like a game day. On game day it's going to be a little more hyped, but to go out to practice every day is really an honor to go out and play football every day."

If Trent played with the confidence of a winner on Saturday, it is because he is used to the feeling. A native of high school football powerhouse Katy High School, in his 3 years on varsity he went an amazing 43-2, including leading his team to a state championship his senior year. In fact, one of the reasons he was attracted to A&M was due to the tradition parallels of the two schools, as well as the commitment to winning.

"The coaches mentioned [ the winning tradition] in recruiting, that they want to build a team of winners, so we go out, and we had an undefeated season my senior year, that's a pretty rich tradition in winning," Hunter said. "Coach said that he is going to build the rich tradition off of his base his first year here, and I know we have a lot of good guys that know how to win and want to win."

Winning, however, is going to require a dramatic improvement on defense, including near perfect assignment play in the secondary against Oklahoma State's vaunted passing attack, featuring one-time Aggie recruiting target Dez Bryant. Luckily for Aggie fans, Hunter has experience being perfect, and should not play like a freshman on Saturday.

"In our defense in high school we ran a little bit different than what we ran here, but it's the same in that you are going to have to make the open field tackles, you are going to have to cover people all game," Hunter said. "But we had the same scheme were everyone has their own assignment, and if you do your assignment just right, it's going to work out. So coming from a defense like that in high school… helped me out a lot form a basis of what I'll be dealing with in college."

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