Big 12 Preview: Week 1

The Big 12 suits up for the first time against each other on Saturday, as the race for conference champion begins. Who will start off with a win, and whose dreams will be crushed the opening week? Taylor Freeman takes you around the Big 12.

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Big 12 preview, brought to you by the need to take a break from over analyzing my beloved Aggies' many flaws, and try to poke fun at other teams. Unfortunately for that plan, the Big 12 has looked mostly stellar throughout non-conference play. The South's four losses have come at the expense of doormats old and new, Baylor and Texas A&M, the rest of the south has looked stout with flashes of brilliance, and the North has survived any Nebraska-Troy fiascos this year, losing only for the most part to quality opponents.

With that said, it's time to gear up for the most exciting time of the season – conference play. The time where Baylor has the same chance as Oklahoma of winning the Big 12 (statistically). The time where Texas Tech still has a chance to prove that they are not for real, and collapse into a hapless shell of a team as the season wears on. The time where the Big 12 North can pillow fight each other for 8 weeks to determine who gets to be defeated in Kansas City for the 5th straight year. Ah… the delusions of week one. Without further adieu, here is the schedule for the week.

Texas Tech (-7.5) at Kansas St.

Why to watch:
If you like watching two teams with iffy defenses gouge each other through the air time and time again.

Who to take: Texas Tech (-7.5). Tech has had a bye week to prepare, and the Leach Preach was in full effect this week, taking note of the top 10 teams falling and forcing the team to not look ahead.

Kansas (-13) at Iowa St.

Why to watch:
You love the fitting way this David vs. Goliath matchup is appropriately portrayed by the coaches on the sidelines in Chizik and Mangino.

Who to take: Kansas (-13). Kansas' Todd Reesing is one of three Big 12 QB's throwing for more than 350 yards a game, and should pile the points on the cyclones in week 1.

Missouri (-10.5) at Nebraska

Why to watch:
To see what "unflattering names" Bo Pelini will call this week's group of refs, after one of the most electric offenses in college football lights up the Huskers.

Who to take: Missouri (-10.5). The third away team favorite take in as many games, Missouri is averaging 595 yards of offense per game. The top passing offense goes against the Nebraska secondary ranked 9th in the Big 12 in passing yards per game. This one is another blowout win for Missou.

Texas (-14) at Colorado

Why to watch:
To see if the Texas Longhorns can make it 52-10 for the 4th time in 5 games.

Who to take: Colorado (+14). Make no mistake, Texas has looked great, but they have played awful teams so far. Colorado's defense should bring Colt McCoy under more pressure than he has had to deal with all year, and Colorado should hang close for the game.

Oklahoma (-27) at Baylor

Why to watch:
Because Baylor finally has a running game again. Unfortunately for the Bears, the Sooners are allowing less than 75 rushing yards per contest. The world (or just Waco) will get to see what highly touted freshman Robert Griffin is made of against a solid Oklahoma defense.

Who to take: Baylor (+27). They say they don't do it. They believe they don't do it. But the Sooners can't help but be aware that this game is only a tune-up for next week's match against Texas. The Bears will keep it close for a half and cover, but there will be no dancing in the streets for Baylor (well, there wouldn't be anyways) as Oklahoma remains at the top of the polls with a win.

Texas A&M (+25) at Oklahoma St.

Why to watch:
You wake up to find yourself in Oklahoma, and therefore obviously have nothing better to do.

Who to take: Oklahoma St. (-25). See Kendall Hunter. See Kendall Hunter run. See Kendall Hunter run for over 200 yards on the porous Aggie D. The Aggies' undersized secondary will not be able to defend against the fade to one time Aggie prospect Dez Bryant, as this one will be all OSU.

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