Weekly Big 12 Preview: Week 2

As the Big 12 enters Week 2, Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman surveys the conference scene and finds the winners and losers for this week's upcoming games.

Random Sports Thoughts of the Week

What a great week in sports. This is assuming, of course, you aren't a fan of the many teams that got their hopes shattered this weekend. Cubs fans. Texans fans. EliteXC fans. With every epic failure however, there are those Rudy-esque stories, the little guy rising up and overturning tradition and the current balance of power. Vandy beating Auburn to improve to 5-0. The Dolphins knocking off the Patriots and the Chargers in consecutive weeks. Most of you reading this will feel a lot more Cub-ish than Vandy-ish (unless you are a Cowboys fan who refuses to admit that struggling against the hapless Bengals is not a good sign at all, especially given how tough your division is), but stay true to your teams Aggie and Texan fans. We'll have ours soon enough. Other random thoughts:

- O.J. is looking at a probable life sentence after being found guilty of robbery and kidnapping earlier this week. If he gets life, how long before he admits he killed them to a reporter for extra canteen money? My guess is right after the first failed parole hearing.
- BYU is ranked #8 in the country, and I don't see them going anywhere soon. BYU is often the number one school choice for members of the LDS church, and the Mormon belief is the fastest growing religion in the U.S., and in U.S. history. On top of that, many students defer enrollment for 2 years to go on their mission, allowing their bodies to further develop without wasting precious eligibility. If there is a long term stock market for football, I'm all-in on BYU.
- You know what mixed martial arts fight I would actually pay to see? Kimbo Slice vs. Sage Rosenfels with a football. What would the Vegas line be that Sage fumbles before Kimbo falls seemingly of his own volition and submits? Man that'd be fun to see.

The Big 12 This Week

Vanilla week 1 is behind us. The haves beat the have-nots, and, save from a scare Iowa St. put on Kansas, there was no change in the balance of power in the Big 12. That will change this week. It must, in fact, as two games feature two teams both ranked in the top 20, including the top 5 showdown between Oklahoma and Texas. Here is a breakdown of the games:

Colorado at #16 Kansas (-14)

Why to watch:
Colorado fans littered the field with T-Shirts during their loss last week to Texas. Here's hoping they sneak in to Memorial Stadium and do the same – only with fried chicken – to distract Mangino's play calling.

Who to take: Colorado (+14). I don't feel strongly about this one, as I'm not ready to call either team a stud or dud at this point. However, two touchdowns is a lot to give to Coach Hawkins' Buffs, who will be looking to prove something after announcing his new contract extension yesterday.

Iowa St. at Baylor (-4.5)

Why to watch:
Aggie fans have known someone had to be coaching in Austin all those years, and it will be interesting to see if Chizik, in fact, was the guy.

Who to take: Iowa St. (+4.5). Iowa St. has lost its 3 games by a combined 16 points, and its only loss of more than 3 points came against rival Iowa, when State converted only 3 points off of 6 trips inside Iowa's 30 yard line. The cyclones may not have enough talent to get out of last place in the North, but they have a strong chance to win this game outright. Plus, until proven otherwise, this should be the consistent headline for the sports page of the Waco Tribune around October: "Baylor Begins Better, But Big 12 Basement Beckons".

Kansas St. at Texas A&M (+3.5)

Why to watch:
Well, you can't. This game was television snubbed for the instant classic Bears/Cyclones game, a matchup I will be referring to as the Void in Floyd, so you have no choice but to come to College Station.

Who to take: Texas A&M (+3.5). The line may be in the Wildcats favor, but this has all the signs of a trap game for Kansas State. The Aggies have looked worse than they really are, and Kansas State's defense looks very beatable. As long as Ron Prince's team isn't overly fired up by THIS VIDEO, and A&M limits turnovers, this could be a win for the home team.

Oklahoma St. at Missouri (-14)

Why to watch:
You are a busy person, and simply can't be bothered with aspects of the game like defense.

Who to take: Missouri (-14). Can you believe this line opened at -9? Oklahoma State looked very beatable last week, and, if not for 3 gift-wrapped touchdowns, would not have scored 50 points for the fourth straight week. The Tigers, on the other hand, proved they were for real with the dismantling of a Husker team they had not beaten on the road in 30 years. If the Pokes can score 30, Missou will score 50. That's just how it works with Daniel and crew.

Nebraska at Texas Tech (-21)

Why to watch:
Michael Crabtree. Do I have to say anything else? Opposing teams need to view him as a natural disaster, just buckle down, realize he'll be gone soon, and clean up the damage after. Thank goodness he's a near lock to enter the draft after this season.

Who to take: Nebraska (+21). On paper this looks like a terrible play. Nebraska allowed 58 points to the spread a week prior, and 4 years ago against Tech was beaten to the tune of 70-10. However, consecutive weeks defending the spread should allow the Huskers to keep it more in check, and Tech is good but is no Missou. Nebraska loses by 17.

Texas vs. Oklahoma (-7) in Dallas

Why to watch:
The two most hated teams by the typical Aggie fan, many would like to see nothing less than a stadium collapse mid-Red River Rivalry. Given the state of the Cotton Bowl and surrounding area in recent years, that could soon become a very real possibility.

Who to take: Texas (+7). Simply way too many points to either team in this contest. Neither team has been challenged all year, and neither team has a glaring weak spot to exploit. It is unclear who will be able to rise to the occasion this year which is why Texas is the pick to at least keep it close. Tradition says the Sooners win this one, although if the team is mistaken by the "Bowl" in Cotton Bowl Stadium, expect a full blown upset.

Week 1 Record: 3-3-0
Total Record: 3-3-0

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