Henderson Discusses Commitment Status

Aggie Websider's David Sandhop visits with Chris about his season and his committment status to Texas A&M.

The season is off to a fast start for Texas A&M commit Chris Henderson and his Dallas Carter teammates. Carter is a perfect 5-0 going into their rivalry game with Dallas Kimball, and Henderson is wreaking havoc in the opponent's backfield with seven sacks so far. The only thing that can slow down the 6-foot-3, 280-pound defensive lineman is his own teammate.

"We were doing this drill with the offensive linemen and I popped him and I blacked out," Henderson said. "I was like ‘wow'. I had to sit down. I didn't know what happened."

The trainer examined Henderson and the diagnosis is a mild concussion, but it's not considered serious and Henderson shouldn't miss Friday's game against Kimball.

"The trainer said I knew who I was and I knew where I was at when he checked me out and that's a good sign that it's not serious," Henderson said. "I dressed out today (Wednesday), but they held me out of contact drills for a precaution. But I'll be ready for the game."

On the recruiting trail, the highly-rated defensive lineman is still being hotly pursued by the same schools including Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. Does Henderson still consider himself committed to the Aggies?

"Yes, I'm still committed to Texas A&M. Coach McMillian called me earlier tonight just checking up on me," Henderson said. "Coach Shipp at OU also called and we talked about me coming up for the Tech game in November."

Henderson indicated that he wants to see how Texas A&M and the other schools perform the rest of the year before he decides if he wants to consider other schools. He did say that Oklahoma's offer is making him think about opening up the process.

"I'm committed to A&M and it's a great school, but if other schools call you have to listen," Henderson said. "A&M is recruiting me as a tackle. OU has mentioned they will give me a shot at defensive end, and that's where I think I belong because I'm quick. I'm probably going to ask about that the next time A&M calls me. You have to take that stuff into consideration."

Henderson says he's in no hurry and will be looking at what happens on the field and he will also focus on the roster and see who has the best opportunity for early playing time.

"I don't want to go somewhere that has a bunch of freshmen and sophomores starting at my position," Henderson. "You have to compete anywhere you go, but if somebody is already there and is only a sophomore, it will be harder to earn playing time."

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