A&M vs. Kansas State: Predictions

How will the Aggies fare in their conference home opener against Kansas State? In what could be the biggest game of the year for both teams, Websider's gurus bring you their take for how the game will unfold.

Hop's Prediction

There's a lot in common between Texas A&M and Kansas State. Both have great playmakers at quarterback that have been known to commit too many turnovers. Defenses on both sides are suspect, although the Aggies did show some life in the first half against OSU. This will be a high scoring game, and it will come down to turnovers and critical mistakes. If the Aggies win or tie the turnover margin, they win this game. If they cough up the ball 3-4 times like they have earlier in the season, they don't have enough to overcome it. The young guys have learned their lesson and will do a much better job of holding on to the ball this week. Aggies win a close one in a shootout, even with the absence of Michael Bennett.

Texas A&M 35
Kansas State 31

Dallas' Prediction

Saturday's game against Kansas State is a big one. It's the first game in Big 12 play that pits the Aggies against a comparable team in terms of talent, and it's the first game in four weeks that gives the Aggies a chance to gain some momentum heading into November. The Aggies must find a way to put things together against a Kansas State defense that has been less than effective so far this season, giving up nearly 60 points last week to Texas Tech.

As evenly as the two teams are matched though, it will likely come down to turnovers, which means the Aggies must find a way to hold onto the ball, and Jerrod Johnson must make wise decisions. A pick-six this week could be the difference between a win and a loss. I think the Aggies put it together and win the turnover battle, squeaking by the Wildcats--who by the way, A&M has owned over the last decade.

Texas A&M 31
Kansas State 27

Taylor's Prediction

It's always the little things. One player does not a team make, but if the rumors are true that Michael Bennett is out, this is a huge blow for the Aggies, who cannot afford to give Freeman time in the pocket. This is a very evenly matched contest, but the Aggies fall well behind the Wildcats in special teams, which could factor into this game. If the Aggies can be patient with their running attack, they stand a good chance to upset K-State, but with the Texas A&M field goal unit as it is, it's easy to see the Aggies losing a nail-biter at Kyle.

Texas A&M 27
Kansas State 30

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