Weekly Big 12 Roundup: Week 3

Where does Texas A&M fit in the picture of the Big 12? How do the conference games stack up for the week? Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman takes a look around the league for Week 3.

Could this week have been any worse for Aggie fans? A&M loses, Baylor wins, Texas is ranked #1, 5 teams in the Big 12 are ranked in the top 11, and Graham Harrell and Tech are coming to town as 21 point favorites at Kyle Field. Step away from the ledge though army, just proxy your fandom to Pitt this year, as it should give you hope. Pitt's coach, Dave Wannstedt, was thought to be a failure from the NFL before this year, but the Panthers have won four straight including a win over 10th ranked South Florida. Patience, Aggies. It will get better.

Random thought of the week:

Why is it always the South who re-enacts the civil war? I'm no history buff, but didn't they lose? To me the sports equivalent is the '76 Buccaneers popping open champagne every time the last winless team beats an opponent. Someone please explain this one to me. Anyways, on to the Big 12.

The Big 12 This Week

While everyone is busy bowing down to the Big 12 QB's, I thought I'd give a shout out to the most underrated group in this conference, and that is the offensive lines of the power teams. Watching the OU / Texas game, it must be nice to stand in the pocket and calmly survey the field, waiting patiently for the 5th receiver to break open. Make no mistake, Bradford and McCoy are good, but so is my high school quarterback when you give him that kind of time. Here is the break down on this week's games.

#16 Kansas (+21) at. #4 Oklahoma

Why to watch:
It probably won't happen, but seeing Stoops and the Sooners lose two straight and effectively put them out of Big 12 Title contention is worth the chance. Just keep the game on mute, as "Boomer Sooner" is easily still the worst fight song in the country.

Who to take: Kansas (+21). Oklahoma will be looking to take out its frustration this week on a Kansas team that has showed some kinks in its armor against a poor Iowa St. team. Still, it's hard to spot a ranked opponent three touchdowns, and Reesing still has the firepower to keep this close.

Nebraska (-6.5) at Iowa St.

Why to watch:
You want to figure out if the Aggies should have hired Pelini. The jury is still out on Bo and Nebraska, who has blown out 3 bad teams and lost to three good ones. They will play on the road for just the second time this year.

Who to take: Nebraska (-6.5). Did anyone see Iowa St. last game? 38-10 to Baylor? The cyclones have lost 4 straight, and are playing a much better team than the one they faced last Saturday. If they play like they did against Kansas they could shock Nebraska, but I see the Huskers rolling in Ames.

Texas Tech (-20.5) at Texas A&M

Why to watch:
You know that feeling when you aren't paying attention, and slam your toe into the corner of a desk? Well you kind of like it. The pain just sort of… cleanses you. If yes, watch this game.

Who to take: Texas Tech (-20.5). Is it sad that my lock of the week is an in-state rival, going on the road and expecting to win by three touchdowns or more? The Aggies have one chance of winning in my opinion. Foil Out. If the fans can pull this off, we deserve a trophy. Or just add foil to the hands of E. King Gill.

#11 Missouri (+6) at #1 Texas

Why to watch:
Someone needs to stop Texas this year, and the best bet is most likely Missouri. Chase Daniel and company come through town off the heels of a shocking loss to Oklahoma St. and will need to play better defense to stop McCoy and Texas.

Who to take: Missouri (+6). I am not confident on either side of this, because Missouri is a team that can beat anyone and lose to anyone. They will have a better time against the run than versus Kendall Hunter, but they must force some stops through the air as well. Daniel will protect the ball better this game, however, and should allow Missouri to keep it close.

Kansas State (+3.5) at Colorado

Why to watch:
To Big 12 North teams fighting for 4th place in the division. If that doesn't get your blood flowing, then I just can't help you.

Who to take: Colorado (-3.5). In a case where Kansas State has looked better than they actually are, maybe Hawkins can bring them down to earth. The Buffaloes have not looked stellar either, but they should end their streak of 3 losses with a win against the Wildcats in Boulder.

Baylor (+16.5) at #8 Oklahoma State

Why to watch:
Baylor gets another crack at a top 10 opponent, this time coming off of an impressive win against Iowa State. Robert Griffin gives this game a reason to watch, as does Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Who to take: Oklahoma State (-16.5). Is Baylor that good, or is Iowa State that bad? While we may not know until after the week, the question of Oklahoma State's relevance was already answered in a shocking win against Missouri. The Cowboys are clicking in all phases of the game, and should shut down Briles' attack in Stillwater.

Week 2 Record: 2-4-0
Total Record: 5-7-0

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