Predictions: Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M

With all signs pointing the Raiders way for this Saturday, do the Aggie experts forsee a Texas A&M upset? Here is what the maroon gurus think of tomorrow's game.

Hop's prediction:

For all the blood baths that Mike Leach and his Red Raider offense have put on A&M's defense over the past decade, remarkably those routs have happened almost exclusively in Lubbock. The games in College Station have been very, very close. Tech beat A&M two years ago on a perfect TD pass against Jordan Peterson as time was expiring. Coach Kines did stop Tech while he was the coordinator at Alabama. Unfortunately, Kines may be the same coach, but his players aren't as fast at A&M. I do think A&M keeps it respectable with an excellent offensive showing. I expect Jerrod Johnson, Ryan Tannehill, and Jeff Fuller to have a big day and put up 28-35 points. It will be closer than anybody expects, but Lumpy leaves with the win.

Texas A&M 31
Texas Tech 41

Dallas' prediction:

If you thought last week was fun, hold on to your hats, because the Aggies are pretty much outmatched in every category this week against an explosive Texas Tech offense. True freshmen Trent Hunter and Terrance Frederick will get their first look at Mike Leach's offense, and if they can make adjustments the Aggies could keep it closer than some expect. But much like the recent history between the two teams, its more likely to be another lopsided win for Texas Tech, unless the Aggie offense can match score for score. One thing that is different about this year, however, is that Tech's defense has proved that it is ready to play. The Aggies will score some, but not as much as Tech, as the Raiders cruise easily in this one.

Texas Tech 58
Texas A&M 21

Taylor's prediction:

Will this be the game that A&M does something special? It may be, but judging from the defense performance last week, it's impossible to predict. Texas Tech will surprise everyone by coming out running the football, and unless the Aggie defense can contain Batch and Woods, it will be another demoralizing day for the Aggie front seven. The Aggies must match aggression with aggression on defense if they are to have a chance of slowing down Leach's offense.

The Aggie run game will also dictate the score of the game, and I believe fans will finally see Goodson's touches get to the level they should be at, as Sherman tries to keep the ball away from Harrell. If the offense suffers some early three-and-outs, this could turn ugly, but if Jerrod plays like he did last week, and the running game comes alive, they may have the fire power to keep it close. More than likely, however, Texas Tech will capitalize on any mistakes this Aggie team makes, and run away with the victory.

Texas Tech 49
Texas A&M 24

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