A Pep Talk For Aggie Fans

Aggie fans have been through a lot recently. High hopes, low results, and the teams surrouding College Station enjoying success. Stay the course Aggie fan. Websider's Taylor Freeman gives a pep talk to the 12th man.

We're looking at the wrong sideline, Ags. The off-season is for bickering and bashing, for firing and trashing, for assessing, admitting regressing, or all the other details that connect season to season. But not now. Not while our team is in battle, week after week, putting their bodies out there as best they know how. Call them untalented, call them un-coached, but do it after. After they've finished fighting for you. After they've finished fighting for them. After they've finished fighting for us.

We're being tested right now, Ags. Nixon once said, "Only if you have ever been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain." Well we're in that valley now. What will you do? Walk away from the team when it needs you most? It's convenient to say that ticket prices, weather, and distance will keep you away, but your butt is in that seat if the Ags are 6-0. That's not Aggie. That's a crock. That's every other school out there, but not us. Not A&M.

Want to send a message to Byrne? Here's a pen. But the only message you send when you don't support the team on Saturday is that you only care to come when we win. Byrne may notice you as a drop on a balance sheet. But you are nothing more than any empty seat to every current and future player at A&M. Who are you hurting worse?

And you know the beautiful thing about college football? You matter. Your presence matters. Home field advantage is very real, and nowhere else do fans know this more than those entering Kyle Field. We could lose this game. Hell, we should lose this game. But if you walk through those gates, know that if we lose it will be in no part due to you not being your loudest and doing you damndest to yell this team to victory.

My senior year in high school was the 2002 season, and was my first with the 12th man. I made it up to the Virginia Tech game, the Texas Tech game, and the Nebraska game, all three of which were heartbreaking losses. In the first week of November, I was told I had a free ticket when #1 Oklahoma was heading to town. "No way," I said, "I think I'll watch this beat-down at home." You know the story. To think that I missed a piece of Aggie history due to apathy, hopelessness and cynicism is not something I'll have happen ever again.

I invite everyone to watch the film of the Oregon St. vs. USC game this year. Watch the fans. There was electricity in the air. The fans had forgotten who they were. Oregon St. does not hang with USC. But no one told the fans. From the first touchdown, the fans were going absolutely nuts. I challenge you to do the same.

Believe. This is football. It is not about stats, match-ups, odds, or records. It is about heart, fire, want, and belief. We shouldn't win, but we can. They are still Texas Tech. This is still Texas A&M. On Saturday, come and show the Raiders what that means to you.

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