Weekly Big 12 Roundup: Week 4

What are the games to watch this weekend in the Big 12, and who will come out on top? Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman takes a look at the Big 12 and it's slate for week 4 of conference play.

I bet refs hate youtube. Back in the day, when the refs would blow a call, only those who watched the game could have reason to argue with the performance of the officials. Even then, the refs could almost always justify the call due to the unavailability of a review handy to the fans, so unless SportsCenter chose to take issue with the play, it would be buried, unseen, and forgotten.

But not now. In the same week, two suspicious calls have surfaced, one involving Jerrod Johnson's touchdown and a phantom hold, and one too bizarre to even describe that has already racked up over four million views in a few days. For the Texas A&M one, you can at least say that maybe, just maybe, Matthews holds at an angle the camera does not pick up, but the LSU ref is just beyond comprehension. There are two explanations, one of which involves black helicopters, briefcases, and secret handshakes, and the other is just that he went insane. I am not sure which one makes more sense.

This is part of a bigger issue fans need to come to terms with, and that is that referees are not perfect. When Jerrod Johnson ran out of bounds instead of throwing the ball away, he received some puzzled looks from the stands and maybe an audible groan. However, when Bible screws up a call, his mom gets letters from furious fans wishing she was pro-choice. Why the disparity?

I think if refs didn't act so sanctimonious about their calls all the time, fans would be much more likely to forgive a blown play. Here's what we need to see Mr. Bible, after you make that call, look up at the replay screen. If and when you realize your mistake, don't just move on like nothing happened. Give us a sign. Smack your forehead visibly with your palm. Maybe come on the loudspeaker, pat your chest with your hand and say "My bad, dawg, my bad," to the fans. Give us something. Anyways, let's move on to the Big 12.

Texas A&M (+3.0) at Iowa State

Why to watch:
You find out that the coveted participation ribbons are only handed out to the top 11 teams in the Big 12, substantially increasing the importance of this game.

Who to take: Texas A&M (+3.0). After coming close to upsetting Kansas, Iowa State has gotten handled 38-10 and 35-7 by the other new coaches on the block at Nebraska and Baylor. This game is in Ames, so the Cyclones will be able to keep it close. However, Texas A&M made some leaps last game and the score did not reflect how close the game was. Look for the Aggies to win outright on Saturday.

#7 Oklahoma State (+13) at #1 Texas

Why to watch:
Texas has been allowing a silly 48 yards rushing per game this season, while Oklahoma State is 5th in the nation is total rushing yards.

Who to take: Oklahoma State (+13). Texas is legit; let me just go ahead and throw that out right now. However, this will be their first test against a receiver of Dez Bryant's quality, and they are already susceptible to the pass. Oklahoma State may not pull off the upset, but they will keep it close in Austin.

#4 Oklahoma (-19.5) at Kansas State

Why to watch:
You lost your hearing at a young age, and therefore don't mind "Boomer Sooner" being played non-stop for every touchdown, first down, timeout, replay, whistle, and coin toss during the game.

Who to take: Kansas State (+19.5). If there was one thing we learned from last week, it was take the home underdog if the spread is big no matter how terrible the matchup looks. Use faith again on this play, as Oklahoma matches up very well with the Wildcats, but Prince should keep it close against Stoops.

Baylor (+11) at Nebraska

Why to watch:
This is the first meeting of the year for Big 12 rookie coaches. Pelini and Briles were two names Aggie fans had penciled as possible replacements for Franchione, so it will be interesting to see the two go head to head. Expect some "I knew we should have hired " posts if you peruse some of the more whiny Aggie message boards, but notice they aren't calling their shot for this game.

Who to take: Nebraska (-11). Baylor is historically bad in the Big 12 and even worse on the road, so it's easy to say Nebraska will wipe the floor with them. Robert Griffin still keeps the Bears worth mentioning as he is fun to watch, but Pelini has experience against this type of offense and should keep them in check.

#8 Texas Tech (+2) at #19 Kansas

Why to watch:
This is my pick for the game of the week in the Big 12, in the which-team-is-not-for-real matchup. Both teams have looked incredibly beatable while only losing 2 combined games, both to top 15 opponents. No team has proven less than Texas Tech, but Kansas has lost the only big games its played.

Who to take: Texas Tech (+2). I have no idea for this game. Kansas could win 50-21, or Tech could put up 60 in Lawrence. I'll give the edge to Tech, who at least has not lost this year, but the only thing I know for sure is that you will never see Graham Harrell on a knee during the game unless he is taunting the crowd.

Colorado (+22) at #16 Missouri

Why to watch:
Missouri went from national title contender to surprisingly ranked at all in the span of two weeks. If they make it three straight against Colorado, the Missouri meltdown will reach epic proportions.

Who to take: Colorado (+22). Three touchdowns is too many points to give to any Big 12 team, especially against a struggling opponent. The Buffs should cover unless Daniel can learn to control turnovers better than he has in the last two contests.

Week 3 record: 3-3-0
Overall Record: 8-10-0

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