Coach's Report: Andrew Weaver

How is current Aggie commit Andrew Weaver's senior season going? Could he make an impact early on at Texas A&M? Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman talks with his head coach to find out how this defensive captain is doing his final high school year.

With Texas A&M needing linebacker help in a big way, I spoke with Waco High's head football coach Johnny Tusa speaks about current A&M commit Andrew Weaver. Here is what he had to say about his senior defensive captain.

How is the season going for Waco High this year coach?

"It's going well, we're ‘in the hunt' I guess you could say. We're 4-3, and we need a big win tonight against a good Corsicana team (7:30pm at Waco High Stadium)."

How is Andrew Weaver doing this year?

"He's doing really well. You know we moved him, he used to have his hand on the ground as he was a defensive end in a 4-3, but now we've moved him back to a linebacker in a 3-4 look and he mostly plays the strong linebacker slot. We'll move him to the strong side a lot, so he's mostly matched up on the tight end, and he has excelled so far this year. He is definitely the core of our defensive game plans."

What is Andrew's best aspect of his game?

"I would say it's his intelligence. He is a very smart football player; he knows where to be on the field and knows how to use his body. He has great quickness off the ball and is an excellent pass rusher. He also runs very well."

Could you talk a minute about Andrew's leadership skills?

"Well he is not only a leader for this defense but he is a leader for this team. He is sometimes vocal; he's vocal when the situation calls for it, but we have a saying that ‘if you talk with your actions, you don't have to move your lips' so I think Andrew tries to be an example on the field as well."

What is the main thing he needs to improve on for success at the next level?

"Well, that is kind of hard to say because we don't know where they will put him. Andrew would be fine at either defensive end or linebacker, but depending on where he'd be is what he'd have to work on. Speed and quickness, you know, are two things you'd always like to have more of, but there isn't really a glaring weakness in any area of his game."

Is there any one play that Andrew has had that has stood out to you as a good example of how good of a player he is?

"Well honestly there has been a couple. You see Andrew, he often times gets double teamed, for obvious reasons, and he has a knack for beating a double team and getting to the quarterback. There have been several times where he's beaten two defenders and forced the quarterback into some bad decisions, which have really helped us out."

Finally, how is his commitment status?

"He's solid. Yep, completely solid. He comes from good stock, you know he was raised right, so what he says goes. Unlike politicians, his word is his bond, so he's attending Texas A&M."

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