Coach Report: Aaron Arterburn

One of the newcomers on the recruiting scene as well as the latest prospect to receive an Aggie offer, Aaron Arterburn has been receiving a lot of attention lately. How well deserved is this attention, and what does his coach think of his play so far this year? Websider's Taylor Freeman visits with Aaron's coach Scott Smith to find out.

How is your season going coach?

It's going well. We are still in the district race, it ain't over yet, but we have a big game coming up here on Saturday.

How is Aaron doing this year?

He is doing very very well. He is having a great season for us. He gives our defense another dimension and really is something else.

It seems like there has been a lot of interest lately in Aaron, why has his stock risen so fast?

Well, Aaron was out his entire Junior year, so he did not get to play. He was all-district as a sophomore, but that was the only film colleges have had to go off of. He has come back for us and done a great job this year, and the colleges that have seen his recent film are just now starting to recruit him hard.

What colleges are those?

I remember Purdue and Northwestern have been calling and offered Aaron right away, and he went up to visit TCU and Texas A&M this weekend. I have not talked to him about it this week, but I'm pretty sure that those are the main four.

What is the best aspect of Aaron's game?

I can't really narrow it down. He runs really fast, he takes a narrow path to the ball and gets there so quick. He runs hard, he plays hard, he can tackle, and he is very smart about the game. His instincts are good, he is a natural at the position, and he is strong and physical too.

Maybe this will be easier, what is the one thing Aaron needs to work on to succeed at the next level?

Well there is nothing glaring in his game that I could tell you is a straight weakness. Depending on what is asked of him at the next level, he could get stronger or faster just on where he is put, but by that I only mean how every player improves as they head into college. His game does not lack anything significant for me to tell you.

So would you say that Aaron is ready to come in and make an immediate impact as a freshman?

Oh definitely. Aaron can come in and help a team out right away. He's a competitor, so I'm sure no matter where he goes he is going to work hard to try and get on the field.

Is Aaron someone you would consider a leader on the team?

Absolutely. Aaron is a leader in two ways, first just through his play, hard hits and big plays are contagious, so he leads by example in that regard. Also, he has been voted captain, and he gives the defense an identity and someone to rally around. He's been an excellent leader for us this year.

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