Players Gaining Confidence After Win Streak

After Texas A&M notches its second straight victory in as many weeks against Big 12 opponents, Aggie players are noticing a change. They are again expecting to win.

It's spreading. Responsible for upsets, comebacks, wins, and championships, the coveted disease has begun to make its way through College Station. The catalysts are wins and production; the antidotes are losses and regression. Despite the vaccine that was the Arkansas State game, it has reared its head. Confidence is back in Aggieland.

After the win on Saturday, Texas A&M has its first multiple game winning streak of the season, which means the first under new head coach Mike Sherman, who is 4-5 in his first 9 games. Sherman came to Texas A&M and immediately said changes were to be made, including a new coaching staff, new offensive and defensive schemes, and a new philosophy about how the team was to be run.

At first, many players were skeptical of the changes, and were resistant to stricter team rules, position changes, and shifting points of emphasis from the Franchione era. This frustration came to a head after the opening weekend loss to Arkansas State, and there were even reports that Sherman was on the verge of losing the team. The Aggies seemed unsure of everything both on and off the field and posted a 2-2 non conference record.

After falling in its first three Big 12 contests, the Aggies have won two straight, and, most importantly, seem to be bringing back the locker room swagger. "You can feel it," Jordan Pugh said. "You can start to see it in different sparks in the game. I think it is finally starting to form, and it is coming together, and that is the fun part. That is the exciting part."

Jordan Pugh has been moved around a lot in his tenure at A&M, and ended up in the right place on Saturday, making what Coach Sherman called the play of the game in his endzone interception against Colorado that was a crucial momentum swing early in the game. Playing alongside Pugh is freshmen safety Trent Hunter, whose big plays and personality have him quickly becoming an Aggie fan favorite.

It was also during one of Hunter's press conference responses weeks ago that some were pointing to as further evidence of a rift within the team. Whatever might have been the case early on, Trent seemed very upbeat after the game in talking about his teammates. "If y'all could have seen the scene in the locker room after we won, it looked like we had won a championship," Hunter said. "We had guys; two guys that you would never see talking before in the locker room that are hugging, throwing each other in the air, waving Gatorades around."

"The feeling in the locker room is so different now," he continued. "I came from Katy, the championship team, and that's exactly how the locker room feeling was, right after we won our championship game. We are coming together so good, and it's a great feeling. From the beginning, I'd probably never even talk to Jordan [Pugh] I'd be too scared. But it is different now. It is a team now."

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