Big 12 report: Week 6

6 weeks in, how does the Big 12 slate look this for this Saturday? Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman takes a look around the conference landscape for this week's Big 12 report.

It's the morning after Election Day, so it feels only appropriate that I go on a little political rant. I'm not a pro-McCain guy or a pro-Obama, and this election more than anything else has proven to me that our system is whacked. Many people have commented on the genius of Barack's campaign; raising insane amounts of money and advertising the heck out of non-traditional locations, from the World Series to Madden. While I admire the creativity, how many times must Barak, or anyone, be required to sell off their ideals to raise this kind of money?

Imagine if at Texas A&M a popular vote decided who our coach was going to be. Sherman would have been gone after one game. With a strong advertising campaign, I could be head of the team. Just make them believe, and I'm set. No matter what though, with the masses in control, we would never seriously compete as a team. That is how I'm viewing democracy right now. Is our system set up where the best, brightest, and most qualified guys right now lead our nation? Or is it the people who can sell themselves the best, and fastest, to America?

Let's go old school. Let's go oligarchy. Give a national test, 7 smartest people in America win, assuming they pass psyche and other relevant tests, and give them the keys to America. Their salary is insane, 4 million a year, but it is illegal for them or any of their immediate family to receive any kind of outside money. Congress can be the voice of the people, and the judges can be the voice of the law like always, but without the distraction of voting for president hopefully we can fill the congress with smart people too. Evidences to the contrary are HERE and HERE. Ok, this may not be the best system either. But I dang sure know people aren't supposed to look at election results and go, "Phew. Thank goodness I'm poor." On to football!

#8 Oklahoma State (+3) at #2 Texas Tech

Why to watch:
Are you kidding? On top of two of the most dynamic, potent offenses duking it out, this game is in Lubbock. Aside from the fans always teetering on the brink of a full out riot, there are the creative camera angles that could be used for the incarceration of Tech bell-ringers. What's not to love?

Who to take: Oklahoma State (+3). Oklahoma State can pound the football in a solid, slow, boring way that keeps the crowd antsy and out of the game. Tech may be able to hold on at home, but it is going to be a close one, and OSU can still match score for score if a shootout is needed.

#6 Oklahoma (-27) at Texas A&M

Why to watch:
Because you finally can. A&M has not fared well on prime TV slots in the recent past, but they have developed a new swagger as of late and bring it in to Kyle against a tough opponent. Jerrod also needs just two touchdown passes to break the season record for passing TDs in a season.

Who to take: Texas A&M (+27). 27 points, at home? This once respectable line has moved an entire touchdown since Monday, and makes the Aggies an easy pick. Oklahoma is the best team the Aggies have faced, but are riding a recent hot streak and could keep this a game for all four quarters.

Iowa State (+10) at Colorado

Why to watch:
You have a strong desire to sit back, smugly stroke your beard, and say, "Good luck to those poor souls as they take breathers from us real teams…" for the only time this season.

Who to take: Iowa State (+10). The folks in Boulder may be unusually cordial after getting their pick into the presidency this week, so Iowa State can have a battery free ride to victory for the first time in the Big 12.

Kansas State (+27) at #13 Missouri

Why to watch:
Someone has to look good in the North, so it may as well be Missouri. Root for the Tigers, as they may be the best hope to knock whichever team comes out of the South out of a BCS title game.

Who to take: Kansas State (+27). How far has Kansas State fallen this year? They have allowed less than 30 points only once in their last seven games, and are giving up 444 yards per game on defense. However, again, 27 points is just too much in the Big 12. The Wildcats will be able to hang within three scores. (Sidenote: What is up with the picture of Freeman for this story? He looks like a TECHNO VIKING clone.)

Kansas (+1) at Nebraska

Why to watch:
These teams are a combined 1-5 against the Big 12 South, so is there any reason? 2nd place in the Big 12 North is a participation ribbon if I've ever seen one.

Who to take: Kansas (+1). I have no basis for this pick, other than Kansas was good before, and if Nebraska loses again Pelini may morph from one of his weekly tirades and Hulk Smash Mangino. Now THAT would be a reason to tune in.

Baylor (+27) at #5 Texas

Why to watch:
Baylor traveling to Austin after Texas just lost a huge game reminds me of the scene in Jurassic Park where they are lowering the cow down into the raptor pit. You know it's going to be bad, you just hope for the sake of the cow that it's quick.

Who to take: Texas (-27). What is it with 27 points in this league? However, disregard what I said about 27 points being too much in this league, because this is one of the exceptions. Show me all you want Baylor hanging with Missou last week, or that McCoy is not a Heisman guy. Both true, but this game is over before it began.

Week 5 Record: 2-4-0

Overall Record: 14-16-0

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