Coach's Report: Rex Burkhead

With the high school season coming to a close, Plano High School coach Jaydon McCullough gives us a scouting report and his thoughts on his senior athlete Rex Burkhead.

How is your season going?

It's going good, our district is over and we came in second, so we are just going to try to put some things together here for a run to the playoffs.

How is Rex doing this year?

He is doing absolutely great. Stats wise, he has for rushing 195 attempts for 1,344 yards and 21 TDs. For receiving, he has 25 catches for 286 yards and 2 TDs. On kickoff returns he has 7 for 202 yards and 1 TD, so that's a 30 yard average. Finally punt returns he has 6 attempts for 89 yards and 1 TD. He's put together a real good season for himself and for us.

What's the best aspect of Rex's game?

Well he is so versatile. He is just a great athlete, he can run, catch, even punt. We put him in so many places and he excels in all of them. Also, the reason he can do well at all of these positions is because he has an absolutely incredible attitude. He has great work ethic and leadership, the team looks up to him, and he just has a real burning desire to be the best. He works so hard too because he legitimately does not think he's great. He always sees areas he can improve, so he is real humble. Normally when you get a guy like that that can do everything, they may get cocky, but Rex is very humble and works hard every day to improve himself.

In your opinion do you think Rex is ready to make an impact immediately, or does he need to improve on a certain area of his game?

Well if you asked Rex, he'd probably have a long list of things he knows he can get better on, because that is just how he is. In my opinion though he's ready to play right now. He's that caliber of player that can step right in for you and make some things happen, and I'm confident he'll do well on the next level.

Could you talk about Rex's leadership qualities?

Rex leads for us in so many different ways. First, like I've said he has a great humbleness and work ethic to him, and it really sets a good example for the team. He works so hard at getting better, and it carries over to how the team practices, and it has been such a good help for us leadership wise. Also, he was I believe the first unanimous captain we've ever had. The boys voted for their captains and every single person voted for Rex as one of them, so it just goes to show how humble he is, that there is no animosity between him and some of the guys like their tends to be in these situations.

Has there been on play that stands out in your head as a good example of why he is so special?

Well, since Rex is so special, there have actually been several plays that combined mean to me why he is so good. First, there was a punt return against Hebron, where he made some moves during that return that I thought were unmakable. It was truly a great return. Then, a couple of games ago we were down late in the game, with like three minutes left, and Rex makes this incredible play in the back of the endzone to come down with a catch, and it turned out to be the winning touchdown, so he is really good at stepping up when we need him. Finally, as a running back he was coming out of the backfield and we threw him a screen pass, and it was a poor throw but he went out and caught it with one hand, and turned an incompletion into a big gain. He's just a playmaker from every position, and he's given us coaches plenty of "wow" moments this year.

Any recruiting updates on him?

I'll let Rex handle that because he's been so overloaded at the moment. He has a lot of schools contacting him and he's trying to sort that all out right now, so any updates will have to come through him. I do know he made it up to the A&M game this Saturday, and that he said he had a very good time, but that's all I know at this time.

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