Taylor's Big 12 Report: Week 7

With two games to go, there are still 4 teams in the North and 4 teams in the South vying for the division title. How do the games stack up this week? Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman takes a look at the games for week 7.

Here's a tip: in the Big 12, bet on the home team. Well, assuming that home team isn't Texas A&M. As of this week, Oklahoma has won a nation leading 23 games straight in Norman, while Texas has won 8 straight, Tech has won 7 straight, and Oklahoma State has won 6 straight, all in the top 12 steaks of the nation. Meanwhile, the Aggies went 2-5 this year at Kyle. I won't say we're cursed, but wow; it's a good thing there is some good tailgating going on after the games.

Speaking of curses, I'm going to write a letter to Big 12 coaches to automatically bench QB's when the game is on the line and your quarterback has thrown 213 passes without an interception. As many of us saw last week, right after the announcers had finished touting Jerrod's accuracy he throws a duck into the hands of an Oklahoma defender, ending his streak. What many of us didn't know, however, was that this Big 12 record is actually shared by 3 people, Reggie McNeal, Jerrod, and Kansas' Todd Reesing. What is it about pass 214 that attracts defenses? I don't know, but I'm taping 214 to my garlic necklace if he comes close again.

Finally, it was a close race this week vying for the number one slot it my teams-I'd-most-like-to-see-get-the-death-penalty rankings, with LSU and Oklahoma's Bob Stoops going head to head for the crown. LSU grabbed an early lead when Alabama's Nick Saban had to be snuck into the stadium, and was a back and forth battle between OU's arrogance and LSU's drunken stupor all afternoon long. After a hard battle, it appeared LSU would win out when Bob Stoops mercifully called off the dogs in the fourth quarter, until it came out that he was trash talking to one of our recruits. Crafty, Bob Stoops. Way to take the back door to #1, you truly are the master at this.

On to the Big 12.

Texas A&M (+7.5) at Baylor

Why to watch:
Let's get this out of the way. Well first, as the only non televised game of the conference, the only way you can watch is in Waco. Therefore, this game is for those who are visiting the toughest stadiums for visiting teams in order, and knocked out Idaho's Kibbie Dome and Western Kentucky's Houchens Industries – L.T. Smith Stadium over the last two weeks.

Who to take: Baylor (-7.5). Hear me out. If there was ever a game to hedge for your sanity, this is it. I would easily pay 200 dollars to not have to hear those hypocrite, barn vandalizing, tier 2, popped collar bad dancers say that they blew us out of the mighty Floyd Casey. Also, sadly, thinking of track star Robert Griffin running a zone read, this may the correct pick.

#4 Texas (-13) at Kansas

Why to watch:
If there is one person you can root for on Texas, it should be Chris Ogbonnaya. First and foremost, every run he breaks is less yards Colt McCoy will gain towards his overhyped Heisman campaign, but secondly the guy has overcome so many obstacles on his road to being successful. He has lost 5 family members, including one in his arms, and the Big 12 did a nice story on him here.

Who to take: Texas (-13). Kansas lost last week by 10 points to Nebraska, the same Nebraska who was in a similar situation as A&M at the beginning of the season. Kansas' best win this year has come against Kansas State, and they should be no match for Texas and their versatile attack.

#12 Missouri (-27.5) at Iowa State

Why to watch:
This game airs at 5:30 central, or roughly the same time that USC vs. Stanford, Alabama vs. Mississippi St., and LSU vs. Troy kick off. Basically, what other choice do you have?

Who to take: Missouri (-27.5). Wow Iowa State. We all knew they were going to be bad, but they are on pace for 10 straight losses to close out the season, with their best win a pick'em between South Dakota St. or Kent State. Missouri is probably overrated at #12, but they have a way of pasting lesser opponents (Colorado: 58-0) while wilting to real competition (Texas: 31-56).

Nebraska (-7) at Kansas State

Why to watch:
The latest player to step up for Nebraska's Bo Pelini has been defensive linemen Ndamukong Su. While leading all defensive linemen in the Big 12 in tackles, I'm more concerned if he is truly as tenacious as his namesake, found here.

Who to take: Kansas State (+7). How a team usually reacts to a coach being fired midseason is inversely proportional to how good or bad the coach was. In this case of Ron Prince and the Wildcats, I believe this will work in their favor. Also, Nebraska will struggle to contain Josh Freeman, which should lead to a close game.

#11 Oklahoma State (-16.5) at Colorado

Why to watch:
If you have a third grade sense of humor like me, don't watch it, tune in to the Oklahoma State radio broadcast. If hearing "And Kendall bursts through the hole into the end zone, pistols firing…" doesn't make you roll on the floor laughing, I don't know what will.

Who to take: Oklahoma State (-16.5). Colorado is averaging 14 points per game, 7 less than the next lowest Big 12 opponent. With Dez Bryant putting up Heisman like numbers, I wouldn't expect Oklahoma to score less than 35, and would be surprised if Colorado increased their average this week.

Two teams are off this week preparing for next week's matchup, Oklahoma and Texas Tech, who also happen to have the two most annoying end zone antics in college football. Of course Oklahoma's is widely notorious, as it is more base, repetitive, and irritating than Aqua's Barbie Girl. However, a close second would have to be Tech's bell-ringer. Sure, it makes for some good .GIFs, but the only way you can survive a Tech game without a headache is by showing up completely hammered… oh, wait, I guess that explains its existence. The only consolation I have is that one day I'll ring the Long John Silver's bell for good service and make the Tech employee tear up in nostalgia. Just make sure to put extra fries in my basket, buddy, and hold the tears.

Week 6 record: 2-3-1

Overall record: 16-19-1

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