Coach's Report: Jameill Showers

The Aggies start their 2010 recruiting class with a bang, landing quarterback Jameill Showers from Killeen. Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman visits with his coach Ken Gray about the prospect and what he thinks of his player.

First off coach, are you still in the playoffs or are you done for the year?

"We are done for the year as of this week. We played hard but lost in the playoffs, but we are pleased with our team's performance."

Could you talk about some of the things that you think factored in to Showers getting an early offer from A&M?

"Well Jameill really has everything you want in a quarterback. First and foremost he is very, very coachable. He's a coach's son; you know his father is the defensive coordinator here, so that definitely helps. His mechanics are excellent, he's got a nice release, and his speed and accuracy is top-notch. He is a very athletic player."

When you say athletic, do you mean he is a running quarterback, or just that he has a good physical stature?

"Well Jameill can run, there is no question about that, but I wouldn't say he is a running quarterback. He's still the kind of guy who likes to throw it if a pass is called. We've had many times this year when he would be looking at the 3rd and 4th guy in a progression, which is very advanced and not something you see a lot of guys doing in high school, but Jameill can make those reads and those throws."

What would you say is the one thing that he needs to work on to play early at Texas A&M?

"I would say just as long as it takes for him to pick up the system. He is comfortable here, now, running the system, and I feel like he has improved the more used to the offense he is. I'm sure it will be the same way at A&M, but once he gets on top of the learning curve, he can be ready to play right away."

Is Jameill someone you would consider a leader on the field?

"Absolutely, he really is an excellent leader for us. He leads both ways, he leads by example, but he also commands respect from the quarterback position. He is liked and respected by all his teammates, and the leadership role just comes naturally to him because he is so good at stepping up during crucial situations. I was watching [Dallas quarterback Tony] Romo lead his team last night, and that is kind of what Jameill does, step up when he is called on."

What in your mind sets Jameill apart from other quarterbacks his age?

"Apart from everything else I've said, about his intelligence and how coachable he is, I'd have to say he's really special at keeping his eyes downfield after a scramble. He's had many plays this year that have broken down due to a blitz or poor blocking, and he moves out of the pocket but keeps his eyes up. He has made some spectacular throws on the run, and that is not something many guys his age can do. Apart from that, he really is the perfect package: tall, fast, smart, a leader, good mechanics, and coachable. He's got it all."

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