Coaches Corner: Malcolm Johnson

Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman catches up with Klein Collins coach Drew Svoboda about Malcolm Johnson's season, his skillset, and his progress with his knee injury in this one-on-one interview.

In the 7 games Malcolm was able to play in, what were his stats?

"He actually got hurt in his 7th game; it was ligament damage to his ACL which has since been repaired. In the six games and part of the 7th he had recorded 44 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, 2 caused fumbles, and 4 hurries."

Describe Malcolm's performance and skill set in your eyes as a coach.

"He is very athletic, he is a hard worker, and he has a very high football IQ. His IQ really stands out, because we've made a lot of adjustments and he's always been able to understand and excel at them. He is very aware of the team concept, what we're trying to do here, and he does his assignment every time. He knows if he does his assignment the other guys will be in position too, so he's not a freelance guy."

Has Malcolm grown any or what would you list him at today in terms of size and speed?

"Malcolm is a rangy 6'2", he's still right around 210 pounds, but he's a 4.4 guy all the way. He ran a 10.8 100 meter dash, and he's playing outside linebacker for us, so he's pretty special."

What does Malcolm need to do to get ready to step in and play at A&M?

"The first thing he needs to do is just get stronger. He's always excelled at so many sports here; he's played soccer, track, and everything, that he's never really had a true offseason. He's working really hard on that right now while he's rehabbing, so he should have a big improvement by next year."

How is his rehab going?

"It's going very well. Everything went great with the surgery, and by next August he should be at 100%. No doubt."

Is he excited to get back and going and make his mark at A&M?

"He's very excited. He was offered in the spring, and he had other offers, but he went up to College Station and just felt right at home. He loved his experience, and the facilities are second to none, so he can't wait to get there. He hasn't wavered one bit."

Was there one game this year that stood out to you as why he'd be so good at the D1 level?

"Yeah but it would actually be our scrimmage against Langham Creek. In that game he had 4 sacks, and was just abusing their guys, so they started using a running back to try and cut him if he came off of the outside. There was one play where he came around and the running back tried to block him, and he hurdled the guy and dove into the QB for one of his sacks. It was a vicious hit and I think he caused a fumble. Malcolm reminds me of a Shawn Merriman, Lawrence Taylor type with his ability to rush the passer, I really mean that. He's amazing."

How hard was it to lose Malcolm in the middle of the year?

"Devastating. We have some other talented guys, but it just wasn't the same. Malcolm is so athletic, the things we could do with him we just couldn't do with anyone else. For instance in 7 on 7 in the summer, we actually put him out at cornerback on [2010 Tomball highly touted recruit] Jordan Leslie, and he completely shut him down. Later in the season, when we were playing Tomball, we did the same thing, and put him out there and he held Leslie to something like 2 catches. Well we got up on Tomball pretty big, so we took Malcolm out, and sure enough the next play is a 65 yard touchdown to Leslie. Malcolm was just that good."

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