Texas A&M vs. Texas: Predictions

Can the Aggies make it three in a row over the rival Longhorns, or is this the year Texas reclaims "scoreboard"? Aggie Websider's resident experts give you their take on the game and the predictions for the final score.

Hop's prediction

There's no question that Texas is the favorite and the better team. Also, there's a potential national championship berth on the line so style points will be important for the Horns. In addition, A&M has upset them the past two years, and especially that game two years ago in Austin still has a bad taste for them. So, that doesn't add up for the Aggies, right? Well, I do think A&M will come out fired up and ready to play. This is the bowl game for the seniors and really the only positive in their careers on the field is beating Texas twice. How sweet would it be to make it three in a row? This will be a game of momentum. I think the A&M defense will come out surprisingly strong and play tougher than many expect. If A&M can avoid turnovers and bad karma early on, then I think the Aggies can make a game of it. If the offense turns it over early in the game, then it will be a long game. I think the Ags hang tough.

Texas A&M 27
Texas 41

Dallas' prediction

So the Aggies are outmatched across the board. Their offensive line doesn't stand a chance. The defense can't stop Colt McCoy and Co., etc. You've heard it all before, and you'll hear it for the next 24 hours as well. But it's a rivalry game, so anything's possible right? Eh, maybe. The 4-7 Aggies don't have a lot to play for other than pride, and if Stephen McGee does get to start his final game of his career, he'll no doubt be playing with a little extra something. But Texas, in addition to having an enormous chip on their shoulder about the results from last two years, knows they need style points heading into the last week, which could be bad news for the Aggies. My heart says McGee and the Aggies have a shot, but my head says they just don't have the horses to hang with a team looking for a shot at a national title.

Texas A&M 20
Texas 52

Taylor's prediction

In 2006 it was our defense. In 2007 it was our offense. Do we have a side which will surprise this year? If anything, I'd put my money on Sherman, who is smart enough to know when he has nothing to lose, and pull out all the stops to keep the Aggies in the game. If A&M can find a way to catch Mack by surprise for the third straight year, than this could be a good ballgame well into the fourth quarter. However, with Jerrod's new propensity for throwing into coverage, I wouldn't expect Ryan Tannehill and Jeff Fuller to come down with as many balls as they have. Will Muschamp may have been prematurely crowned the next king of Austin, but for now he's still got a devastatingly good defense. Unfortunately, I'll let the Aggies prove me way wrong if they are going to make it 3 straight.

Texas A&M 14
Texas 47

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