Coach's Corner: Enrico Forbes

With A&M's recruiting class oversigned, the staff will be looking for recruits who can join the team early for spring ball. One candidate is St. Pius defensive lineman Rico Forbes. Websider visits with his coach, Robin Kirk, about the prospect and his final high school year.

Coach I know there was some question as to whether Rico was cleared to play for this year, how did that turn out?

"Well unfortunately for Rico he was deemed too old to play for this year, so he had to sit out. It's a shame because he is still picking up the game and learning so much over the two years that he has been playing football, since he came over from the Bahamas. I'm sure he is still learning a lot even on the sidelines, and his potential is so high he'll get better every year."

He is going to be a mid-termer is that correct?

"That's right. Rico will come in and get a spring with A&M, and then I'd imagine they'll redshirt him, since he's raw. He should be more than ready to go after that."

Since Rico is raw, could you talk about his upside and shed some light on why he was recruited heavily by colleges?

"Rico has incredible upside. Just his body alone, this guy benches right around 400 pounds, and he's running a 4.7 at 280 pounds. He couldn't work with the team as we were going through our season, but he was in there every day working out on his own, wanting to improve and get better. I don't know if you've seen him, but he is an absolute physical specimen. I could see him, in college, gaining some weight and being that middle guy at around 300 pounds, but still with 4.7 speed. I have no doubt he'll do well, he reminds me of Mario Williams with the way his body looks at this age."

So is his physicality the best part of his game right now?

"Yes, just the combination of his strength, size, and speed. He is very, very physical on the line. You don't get many guys like him who can also run in the 4.7s."

What's his biggest weakness?

"Just familiarity with the game. Like I said, he's only been here 2 years, so while he has improved a lot it still clicks just a little more every game. He's got the body of a Big 12 player right now, though."

How are his leadership skills?

"Well ahead of where you would think, given that he is new to the game. Also, you know, he has had to deal with some hardships in his life, and some unfortunate events, so he has grown up a lot while in the States."

Is there one play or trait from last year that is indicative of why so many schools jumped on him?

"It wasn't really a play, but just watching the progression of as he began to figure out the game, how he would completely dominate whoever was trying to block him. The more he played, the better he got, and his learning curve was very fast. He became unstoppable, and I'm sure he'll continue that at Texas A&M."

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