Coach's Corner: Sean Porter

A&M Head Coach Mike Sherman is already making a reputation for himself finding players with high football IQs that can make an immediate impact on the field. One such player is senior linebacker Sean Porter, who has capped off a great high school career with an amazing senior season. Aggie Websider visits with his coach, Greg Ferrara, about his skillset and abilities.

What are your overall thoughts on Sean as a linebacker?

"He's really one of the best linebackers I've coached in 28 years of coaching. He was the MVP of our district, and we were in one of the toughest 4A divisions of our state, and he earned every bit of that title. He's great coming off the edge, he can hit, he's aggressive, he's a team leader, he really has it all. Last year he was all-district and all-state, and it got to the point this year where people just would not run at him, but he still made his plays just the same."

Do you have his stats on the year?

"159 tackles, 95 of them solo with 64 assists, 8 sacks, 2 interceptions, 5 caused fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, and 1 blocked field goal."

What do you think is his best attribute at linebacker?

"I would say his range is the best thing about him. He's all over the field. He's definitely an outside backer for us, and he is able to make so many plays on the other side of the field due to his range. Also, just as good as he is coming off the edge; he is also good in pass coverage. We can stick him in man, and not have to worry that he would be beat. He does it all."

What is one thing that he needs to improve for next year?

"Sean needs to go through a normal offseason. He's always been so good at basketball, and here we have a good basketball team that plays for a long time, that he hasn't had time to come in during the winter and early spring and get in his weights. I think when he is able to get three right meals a day, work out, and everything else with A&M he'll be fine in that regard."

What is his work ethic like?

"Sean has a great work ethic, and I'm not just saying that, it's really something special. This year, he got out two periods early, he probably could have graduated already, but he got out early and would come down here by himself and watch game film for 2 periods alone. Most of these kids wouldn't do that, and when they are watching film they are still just watching the play, watching the ball, but Sean watches his man. He is a scholar of the game, and when we have him out there we can trust him because of it, it is like having another coach on the field."

If he could have graduated, is he going to be a midterm guy?

"No, he'll stick around because he wants to go far in basketball, and enjoy his senior year."

Is there one play that stands out to you as why Sean is so special?

"Well there are many, but the first one came when he started for us in the playoffs sophomore year. We were up against La Marque, and he was going against [University of Texas commit Aundre McGaskey] who was this huge offensive tackle, and Sean came up on the outside and went over him. He must have come 3 feet off of the ground, went over McGaskey, and hit the quarterback. We show clips all the time to college coaches, and that one every time, people were and are like ‘who is that kid?'" That's when I knew he was going to be special. He is such an amazing competitor."

What about his competitiveness is special?

"He just hates to lose. Hates it. It crushes him every time we do, and so he's out there doing everything he can to prevent it. He is such a good leader for the team, to be able to have that mentality of always expecting to win."

Is he excited about going to a team where he has a chance to bring back the winning tradition?

"He's real excited about going to A&M. He's always grown up an Aggie it seems like, and he has talked to Rossley and Sherman and knows they will turn things around up there and he wants to be a part of it. He wears maroon here probably every day; he's always got his A&M shirt, sweats, or something on. He bleeds maroon."

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