Coach's Corner: Kirby Ennis

The Aggies need to replace their two defensive ends this year, and one freshman looking to fill the void is Huntsville senior Kirby Ennis. Websider's Taylor Freeman visits with his coach, Mitchell Coey, about his strengths as a player.

Do you have his stats for the year?

"Kirby had 65 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, 5 pass break ups, and 1 punt block."

What would you say are Kirby's biggest strengths as a player?

"He's very focused. He's a real hard worker in everything he does; the weight room, the practice, and the game. He has a great work ethic. He is also just a great character guy to have around the locker room."

What about his character made him so special?

"He was the captain of our team, and he just turned into a leader through his play and his personality. He is very well spoken and well liked to his team, and he's really helped the defense find an identity."

Physically, what sets Kirby apart from others?

"He's big and agile, so the combination of the two is pretty special. He is 6'4", 245, and runs a 4.7. He is tough to block at his defensive end position."

So is A&M projecting him as a defensive end?

"Yes, he's a defensive end all the way. He has the opportunity to play there as a freshman."

So in your opinion is he physically ready to play as a freshman?

"I think so yes. He's a very gifted athlete, and he plays basketball as well and throws the shot in track. He's also excited to go up and play division 1 football."

What would be one thing that he needs to work on to succeed early on?

"Just generally his body strength. The Big 12 is a very high level of competition."

Is there one play or set of plays that stands out in your mind as a coach about him?

"Well we had 4 or 5 goal line stands this year where he kind of led the charge. I remember one in particular where they had the ball 1st and goal on the half yard line, and they didn't get in because he was getting in the backfield every play. It won us the game. Also, on his punt block, he blocked it because he completely blew the personal protector up, he basically carried him right into the punter to get the block. Both of those were very impressive."

So if he's playing basketball and track he's not a midterm guy is he?

"Nope, he's going to get up there in the summer. But I'd still say he could make an impact early. He's going to do good things in College Station."

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