Coach's Corner: Clint Naron

One of the first commitments of the 2009 class was Klein Oak offensive lineman Clint Naron. Aggie Websider visits with his head coach, David Smith, about the strengths and weaknesses of his game and what he thinks about this prospect's future.

Is Clint still at 6'5", 310, or is he growing still?

"He's grown every year we've had him, but I would say those numbers are still accurate. He may have moved some of that weight into muscle, but I'd bet he still hovers around there."

Could you evaluate Clint as a player on the line?

"He's a great talent, and he has gotten better every year. He is very massive, especially here at the high school level, so he can beat people based on that, but he is also athletic. He has improved all throughout the season, and we are going to miss him next year."

Is he someone you would consider a leader on the offense?

"He's a leader, but he's a quiet one. He is a captain of the team, and puts his heart and soul into the team, but he's not a real talkative guy, so he lets others take that role. He just sets a good example, and succeeds, so others naturally want to be like him. He is such a great guy though; he's a great person. He's the kind of kid you'd want your daughter to date."

In your opinion can he make an impact his first year, or will he need a redshirt?

"I would say he needs to redshirt. It's very hard, as a lineman, to come in and play right away, since it's such as size and muscle mass position. I think he's outgrown his body a little bit lately, if you know what I mean, and he needs some more offseason work to shift that mass around some. He's already doing a good job, but once they get him up at A&M I'm sure it will help even more to have that year under his belt."

What is one trait as a lineman he most needs to work on for the future?

"He should probably improve his agility with his feet. He is very strong with his upper body, but his footwork could use some tightening up, and getting more flexible and quicker for the edge guys. If it had to be something, I would say that."

What is one event from this year that showed to you why Clint is so special?

"Well he's battled some injuries all year, and there was one game where his shoulder was giving him trouble. The doctors were unsure whether he should play, but he was very adamant about playing and helping the team. He went in and did really well for us, and I was impressed with his fire and that he wanted to show he was going to be there for the team through pain. It really speaks to his character."

Has he talked to you about how excited he is to play for A&M?

"He's very excited. He's completely in love with A&M, and he can't wait to go up there and get them ready to turn things around. He's pumped."

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