Coach's Corner: Rhontae Scales

The longest commitment in the class of 2009 belongs to offensive tackle Rhontae Scales. Aggie Websider visits with his coach about his future Aggie offensive lineman, and the strengths and weakness that go with his game.

Do you have Rhontae's stats for his senior year?

"I don't have them in front of me, but offhand he had something like 16 knockdowns and 55 pancakes. His stats made for a really impressive senior film, I can tell you that."

Could you talk for a bit about the strengths in his game over other offensive linemen?

"Rhontae is special because he is not only just a big body, but he is a big guy that can move. Coaches now want their tackles 6'6" with the ability to finish off plays, and that is what Rhontae gives you. He takes control of his man and moves him wherever he wants him for the duration of the play. The best part about it is you can tell he enjoys it. He's very ferocious in blocking, and he loves to play his position. That's what you need in a lineman, someone who loves to get better at his position every play."

So you would say Rhontae has an impressive work ethic then?

"Oh yes, big time. Rhontae is one of the best practice players I've seen. He practices so hard, you just know he is going to play well, because he just loves the game of football. You know actually sometimes in practice, we'll have to calm him down, try to tell him that we're just polishing for the game, because he doesn't seem to know any speed other than 100%."

Was Rhontae a leader on the team?

"Yes he was, because of his work ethic mainly. We didn't have all out captains, we let the seniors kind of take care of those duties, but Rhontae was a leader for sure. A lot of the kids looked up to him. We made it all the way to the quarterfinals this year, and I think it was because we had good leadership with guys like Rhontae."

What would be one thing that you would say he needs to work on to make an impact early at A&M?

"Really the main thing is just getting used to their system. Rhontae obviously has the physical skills right now to compete, and he's had a lot of reps against quality guys. He started on JV for us as a freshman, and he probably could have started varsity, but he's done varsity since a sophomore. The only thing stopping him is understanding the new system."

Has he grown any more his senior year?

"He's grown some. He's probably 6'6" and 295 now, but he still doesn't have that fat. I'm sure A&M will add to him some, but that is what he's at now."

Is there one play or drive that stands out to you as why he is so special?

"It's not really one of anything, but just how overpowering he is in general. He attacks plays coming towards him and plays away from him with the same intensity. He is physical, mean, and aggressive, and he loves doing it. That's what makes him so special."

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