Coach's Corner: Spencer Nealy

A name quick to jump on Aggie fans' radar has been Reagan high school defensive lineman Spencer Nealy. Aggie Websider's Taylor Freeman visits with Nealy's coach, David Wetzel, about the strengths and weaknesses of this senior's game.

So have you heard about Spencer switching his commitment over to Texas A&M?

"Well, if he has, he hasn't told any of us about it. I know he still has told other coaches he's visiting them and things like that, so I really don't know that Spencer did that. It'd be strange because I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a scholarship waiting there for him."

We have heard he intends to greyshirt at A&M.

"Yeah I guess that's what he'd have to do. Like I said, he hasn't told me about it though so I really can't say what his plans are."

Can you evaluate the strengths of Spencer's game as a player?

"He's got great size, good height, and he's getting better and better every year. He comes from good genes; his father played in the NBA for 10 years, so anytime you have that type of athletic ability passed down you will normally be very fortunate athletically. Spencer could have played a number of positions for us, tight end being one, and he's played basketball his whole time here."

He's gotten a lot of attention this year. Why do you think that is?

"I think his motor and intensity have gone way up this year. He really had a good year for us, and it is because of his hard work. He always plays basketball like I said, so he's never really had time to come in and focus on the weights, but he is doing that now, and did that this year. It's helped his game a lot."

Is he a leader for your team?

"He doesn't want to assume the leader role, but he is a leader anyways because everyone counts on him to make the big plays. It's more of a lead by example thing. Everyone saw him as a dependable guy to play his hardest and make the play when it counted."

What is the one thing he'll most have to adjust to making the transition to college football?

"He'll just have to get used to the size of everyone else. We played against some good lineman this year, but it won't be the same as in college, and he'll need to get used to that. He's had to fight against double teams a lot this year, and next year it might be more of just trying to battle against one very good player, which will be a change."

You moved Spencer all up and down the line, is that correct?

"That's right, but he played primarily nose guard for us since he was such a force in the middle. He could play anywhere we needed him, though."

What were Spencer's stats on the year?

"He had 34 tackles, 34 assists, 14 tackles for loss, 9 sacks, and 39 QB pressures."

Is there one play, drive, or game that stands out as a specific example of why he is so special?

"Can I say the entire season? He's just had a really solid year from top to bottom, I'm not sure one thing comes to mind. Actually, in week 10 against Madisonville, when we were playing for the district championship, in that game he really stepped up and carried us to a victory. That was probably his most impressive game, but it's really hard to pick. He just had a great year."

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