Coach's Corner: Jordan Leslie

As many athletes wrap up the 2008 season, the class of 2010 begins to step into the spotlight as the newest hot commodities for coaches and recruiting fans alike. One such prospect is Tomball receiver Jordan Leslie, who matched his skillset with an impressive junior campaign. Websider visits with his coach about the strengths and weaknesses of his game.

Evaluate Jordan Leslie as a player, what makes him stand out?

"Jordan has all the physical tools he needs to be a successful receiver. He has great hands, he knows how to go up and get the ball, and he just really knows the game of football. Every time you call on him to make a big play he is going to make it for you. Obviously he has the size and speed to compete anywhere, so he really is the whole package."

How is his work ethic?

"Jordan has a great work ethic. He works hard to improve at whatever he is doing, and he is just very humble, he's real humble for how good of a worker and player he is. You never see him let up. There are a lot of players we get that just don't enjoy working to get the results, but he is the opposite. He comes to practice with a smile on his face, and loves everything about football, and sport in general, for that matter."

Is Jordan what you consider a leader on the team?

"Oh, yes definitely. Jordan is just a great person, everybody looks up to him. He is a great guy to show to the other players about hard work, and discipline. He has got a good head on his shoulders, and he really seems to show that to his other teammates. Even as just a junior, we considered him a leader on the team, both on and off the field. It certainly helps that he could lead by example too."

What is Leslie's main weakness?

"I would say strength; you know just getting stronger. He's built very muscularly, but he hasn't had time to solely work on muscle training in a true offseason setting. He is a big basketball guy as well, so he misses some of the more heavy lifting. You can tell by his frame though, he is going to grow into his size a little more, and it will help him a lot in blocking and just overall performance. Looking on into college, when a school gets him into the right nutrition and strength programs, it will only help. I'd say that's really his only weakness, if he has one."

He talked about any favorites for college?

"I don't think so, I think he is playing it slow for now. We'll see what happens this next year, but I don't think he's really narrowed the field or anything."

Is there one play or series that stands out as why he's so special?

"Wow, it'd be tough to narrow it down really to one specific play. I guess it would be any play where he has had to really use his hands to make a play I didn't think he could make, and go up and get the ball against good coverage. We really trust him and his playmaking skills, and sometimes we throw him the ball into good coverage just because we know he can go and get it. There were several times this year where the defense knew it was coming, had one or two guys right on him, but Jordan would go up and get it anyways. That, to me, was some of the more spectacular plays he made this year."

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