Coach's Corner: Corey Nelson

It's hard not to like Dallas Skyline's team for next year, as they bring back three of the state's top recruits for next year, one of whom is junior Corey Nelson. Websider visits with the head coach about his prized recruit in part one of the Skyline trio.

Evaluating Corey Nelson as a player, what makes him stand out?

"Corey has the speed and aggressiveness that is really rare in a young guy like him. He is very, very aggressive and it shows on the field. His intensity level really elevates our entire defense."

How physically mature is Corey already as a junior?

"He's not quite there now, but he's getting there. He works hard, but he's had other things to do before than just work out. In the past, in the summers he has been in a summertime academic program, the Upward Bound program, and that has taken up his time, but he will forego that this summer and really hit the weights. He hasn't reached his peak yet, but I'm confident he'll be there next year at the beginning of the season."

So with this academic program, how is Corey in the classroom?

"He is doing outstanding. He's a great character kid; in fact I would say that is the best thing about him. He really excels in the classroom, and gives just as much effort in there as he does on the field. He is a true student athlete."

Is Corey viewed as a leader on the team?

"He's a leader, yes. He's an upbeat, vocal kid so he's going to be that leader naturally. We have the fortune of having a lot of leaders on this team, but yes he is one of them."

What is the main thing Corey has to work on for the next year and beyond?

"His strength. Like I said, he hasn't been able to hit the weights like he needs to yet, so his body isn't as physical as it needs to be. He makes up for it a lot by being very aggressive, but to really get to that next level for him he needs to match it with a good base of strength."

Is there one play that stands out as why he is so special?

"Defensively, I really couldn't think of just one, there would be seven or eight that would be up there for me. Just as a whole though, there was one game against Arlington Bowie where we were behind, and we didn't have a punt block on or anything, but Corey took in on himself to give that extra effort and get in there, and he blocked the punt which really changed the momentum of the game. That was probably his biggest play this year."

Are there any leaders for his services, or his he just sitting back right now?

"He is just watching the whole process for now. He's kind of amazed by it all, but right now the focus is really on winning a state championship. We went deep this year, and we have our sights set on state and nothing else for right now."

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