Coach's Corner: Mike Davis

A leading man in the Skyline trio is blue-chip receiver Mike Davis, who capped off a stellar junior year with a deep run in the playoffs. Websider visits with Skyline Head Coach Reggie Samples about his star prospect.

What makes Mike Davis such a coveted receiver so early?

"Mike is just an amazing hard worker. He really is one of the best I've had in terms of work ethic and wanting to get better. Every day, going through workouts, practice, games, whatever, Mike gives you 110%. Because of this, he already is a very polished receiver. He does so many pieces of the game well; he plays older than he is."

If you had to pick one thing about his receiving, whether it is routes, speed, leap, hands or anything else, what is his best attribute?

"It's probably his hands. He catches everything, and has really good technique in bringing the ball in. Everything else isn't far behind though; he does all the things you mentioned well."

How is Mike's speed?

"He probably runs in the upper 4.4's, or lower 4.5's, somewhere around there. He's fast."

What kind of leader is Mike?

"He's not the rah-rah guy like some of our other players are, but Mike is still someone I'd call a leader on the team. Seeing a guy like him get all this attention and succeed on the field the way he has, while working so hard off the field to get it, it really makes him a leader by default. A lot of guys see what he is doing and that it works because of the result."

Does Mike see a lot of extra attention from opposing defenses? Do other teams try to stack against him?

"Yeah, he saw that a lot this year. We don't only pass the ball; we have a good running game as well, so the defenses really should be honest, so even when he is out there not doing much he really is, because he's taking away a safety from the middle. He saw double coverage many, many times this year, and he did a very good job of coming down with the ball even in those times. He got really good in fighting off two guys."

Is there anything Mike doesn't do well, or at least needs to work on?

"I think he needs to get stronger. You can always get stronger; a lot of our guys need that, and he will benefit from another year in the weight room. As far as improving something on the field, he could get better at adjusting to the ball. There are times we have a poorly thrown ball and he needs to react and get to it faster than he does. Those would be the main things."

Is there any play that stands out in your mind this year of his?

"There was this one play against DeSoto this year, and the ball was put on the wrong shoulder – I'm pretty sure he was double covered too – and this time he made a great adjustment to the ball and came down with it for a big play in a big game. That was probably his most impressive this year."

Does he have any favorites so far for college?

"Not really. Again, all we are looking for is a state championship next year."

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