Coach's Corner: Eric Wilson

An early blip on Texas A&M's 2010 radar is North Crowley defensive back Eric Wilson. With his junior year completed, Aggie Websider visits with North Crowley Head Coach Mike Papas about Wilson and his strengths and weaknesses both on and off the field.

What would you say Eric Wilson's best qualities as a football player are?

"The first thing I would say is that Eric is very, very athletic. He has great speed; he was runner-up in our district in the 100m as a sophomore, so he's very quick. He is very intelligent, he reminds me a lot of another kid we had here, Charles Davis, who now plays for Tulsa and has started for them for a couple of years now. Eric is a quiet guy off of the field, he is very humble, but he is a great all around player."

So Wilson has a lot of intangible qualities then, as well as being a great player?

"Absolutely, he's just the kind of kid you want to coach. You know we always hear about football players from other teachers, whether it is discipline reports or whatever, and all of Eric's teachers just love him. He does really well in school, he has a great family, and he is just a really great kid."

How is Eric's work ethic?

"He has a good work ethic. He comes in every day after school and gets his weights in. He always likes to go out and play 7 on 7 with all the guys, so he'll go do that, but he gets his strength workouts in every day. He knows what he has to do and he makes sure to get it done."

What is the one thing that Eric could improve on to get noticed at the college level?

"The main thing is, right now he plays safety for us, and he has done really well back there, but for college he could either be a safety or a cornerback. He has more speed than size, so if he learned more of the cornerback position, he'd be more marketable playing either. What I mean is, he knows how to play it, but the finer things like swiveling the hips and hip and torso flexibility he could get better at, and that would help him out a lot."

So how big and fast is Eric?

"He's around 5'11", 175, and he runs in the low 4.4s. I don't have the exact numbers with me, but he is around there."

Does Eric excelling in track translate well to the football field?

"It does in a big way. He has excellent running mechanics in pads, and that has helped him a lot this year."

Is Eric getting interest early from colleges?

"He's getting letters, as are a lot of guys, but I'm not sure if he's gone beyond that though. He loves going to camps and combines and things like that, so I'm sure word will get out about him soon enough."

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