Stewart Feeling the Love

Jonathan Stewart has been a key piece of the Aggie recruiting puzzle for some time now in the class of 2009. With signing day right around the corner, does he have any other plans? Websider takes a look.

Its two weeks until signing day and the every big prospect that is willing to listen is given an earful from every coach with a spot to fill. That is certainly the case for C. E. Byrd High School's Jonathan Stewart, who, while currently committed to Texas A&M, has had in home visits from a number of coaches in the last couple of weeks. With recent speculation that the coveted linebacker has backed off of his commitment to the Aggies, his reclusiveness from recruiting services has only fanned those flames. We met instead with his head coach, Mike Suggs, to get an update on his situation.

"Jon is still looking around, just making sure he is making the right decision for himself," Suggs said. "He and his father are looking at all the possible options, and taking their time. There has been a lot of interest again lately, and he isn't the kind of guy to just turn away coaches, so he's been listening to what everyone has been saying."

It appears too that this recent interest has solidified A&M's top two competitors for his services.

"Texas Tech and Cal have been the two schools giving him the most attention lately," Suggs said. "Both of them were schools he had visited earlier, so he's been out to both of them, and then the coaches came down and had in home visits with him this past week. They have been on him the hardest. I know he was thinking about going to Miami, but I doubt that will happen."

With only two weeks left, Stewart will not have a chance to get another visit to either school, which could be a good sign for Texas A&M. There had been reports of Jon visiting various schools before signing day, but it looks as if he will remain home for now.

"I don't think he plans to go visit any school again," Suggs said. "There really isn't time. He has been everywhere, so it's more a matter of just deciding where he is the best fit."

While many Aggie fans make take all of this as an ominous sign, there is still hope he will be wearing Maroon come the fall. In fact, according to Coach Suggs, any worry at all may be entirely premature.

"Oh he still sees himself as solid to Texas A&M," Suggs said. "I know he's listening to other coaches, but it's because he's been committed to them all along and he just wants to be thorough. He's not going to make a rash decision; he is handling this in a very mature way. He has been honest and upfront with [Coach Sherman and the A&M staff], and they all know how he's handling it and are fine with it. I think that should say something for him."

As we all know, nothing is final until it is final, but his coach was kind enough to offer his odds that Stewart stays with the Aggies.

"He still loves A&M," Suggs said. "You never know for sure of course, but he says he's solid. I'd say there is a 90% chance he sticks with the Aggies."

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