Coach's Corner: Case McCoy

One of the most coveted QB prospects in the class of 2010 is Graham signal caller Case McCoy. Rather than simply a familiar name, Case has proven to be capable in his own right of garnering media attention on the recruiting trail. Aggie Websider visits with his coach and father, Brad McCoy, about Case's strengths, weaknesses, and recruiting plans.

Case has been getting a lot of attention ever since his freshman year. As he has progressed over his high school career, what now makes him stand out?

"Physically, he's still growing, so he's gotten bigger every year. The best aspect of his game is probably the mental side of things; he makes great reads, great decisions. He moves really well, he has quick feet so he can escape the pocket and he doesn't take many sacks, and he is also very accurate with the football. He hasn't quite filled out yet, you know, he's still tall and skinny, but he will get there, and so the best things right now are his physical accuracy and his smartness."

Is he working to get his bulk up in the weight room, or is he comfortable where he is at?

"He works really hard at it, but the problem for him is he is an all-sport kid. Right now he's in basketball, and doing really well over there, so he'll get here at 6:30 to do weights in the morning but he's running in practice later so he hasn't been able to solely do weights yet. Later, in the spring he'll be doing track as well. He has great motivation and work ethic on those things, so I'm sure it will come."

What is the biggest thing he needs to work on to improve this year?

"The biggest thing is just developing skills with his other receivers, and getting in a routine with them. The team last year was so young; the more time we can get him with the same receivers so that everyone knows where everyone will be, the better he can play. He's a "natural" player, so he can see and react very well if he knows how that player will break, or move after a scramble, things like that."

As both a coach and father, you get a unique perspective of contrasting Colt's play with Case's. What would you say is the main similarities in their two games?

"Probably the way they think; the mental side of a game. I see a lot of the same decision making in Case that I did with Colt. Also, the competitiveness in them is something that is very similar, both in how much they have and the way they express it. The two are a lot alike in that aspect."

So does it help Case having a brother like Colt to follow, as well as a dad who is also a coach?

"You can tell that having Colt helps him a lot just from an example perspective, and he has also picked up a lot about what it takes to be successful. Case is already a really bright kid; he's number eight in his class, he's got a 4.0, but he also knows how to carry that over to the film room and study the game. He is a very smart football player and quarterback because he knew how to apply his intelligence to the football field at an early age."

What are the main differences between Colt and Case?

"Well believe it or not Colt was actually smaller than Case was at this time, so Case has that going for him. Case is about an inch taller and a couple of pounds heavier than Colt, and that's probably the biggest difference I see."

What about their throwing styles?

"Often times when I'm looking at tape of one or the other I think about how similar they throw. Case really tried to pattern himself after his brother because he idolized him to some extent, so their mechanics look almost identical."

With Case and Colt being not only brothers, but very close as well, has that helped his progression as he's watched his brother's success?

"It helps a bunch. They are always wrestling around like brothers every time they are home, and just being competitive together helps, but they always talk on the phone. It's not always about football, they like to talk about hunting and fishing and girls or whatever else, but if Case ever has a football question Colt's always right there. That's important too because there always is going to be a lot of comparisons naturally of Case to Colt, and it is a lot of pressure to put on Case."

Is he feeling that pressure already? How is he handling it?

"He's fine with it all, he takes it really well. He's humble around school and his teammates but when he gets home with his brothers he's cocky and confident and joking with Colt about which records he will break. It's been a positive experience for Case so far."

Could you talk for a second about his recruitment? How is that going for him at this time?

"It's going very well. He has I think 8 or 10 offers, and no real favorite as of yet. He's going up to A&M this weekend on an unofficial visit, and that is one thing he is deciding on is whether or not he wants to stay close to home."

Does he have a rough timetable for when he'd like to make his decision?

"He'll probably be an early commitment somewhere. I would say during the summer or around there, he'd like to be done with it, maybe a little before."

Having already been up to Texas A&M before, what does he like best about the Aggies?

"He really likes Coach Sherman a lot. Brett Favre, you know, along with Colt he's always loved Brett Favre and loved to watch him, so the fact that Sherman has coached Favre, Case thinks that is really cool. We've always like A&M growing up, the facilities are nice, the area is nice, it is just a great place. Also, we know A&M will be back – they won't be down very long, so that would be exciting to get to be a part of that rebuilding process."

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