Signing Day Surprise?

On signing day, the Aggies received a letter from an unexpected prospect who could greatly help the Aggies on special teams. Aggie Websider has the latest, with a full scouting report from his head coach.

The newest Aggie commit to fax his letter to A&M is Keller High School kicker and punter Ryan Epperson, brother of Baylor's Ray Guy Award finalist punter. Websider visits with his coach, Kevin Atkinson, about Ryan and his recruitment.

Did Ryan kick, punt, or do both for you guys this year?

"He mainly punted for us, he punted all season I think with a 40 yard average, and really did a good job getting the ball off and getting it high. We counted on him at some crucial times this year, and he came through for us. He also did some kickoffs for us, I believe he kicked off 40 times with around 10 touchbacks."

When did he first start hearing from Texas A&M?

"He started hearing from the coaches around 4 to 5 weeks ago."

Go through the process of his recruitment with A&M. How did he end up committing?

"Well after he heard from A&M he started relooking at everything, because he really wants a good school with a good engineering program, and A&M was obviously something he was very interested in. The Aggies invited up a bunch of guys, I think it was last weekend, to kick and punt for some walk on slots, and Ryan went up there too. He loved it and the coaches loved him, so he decided to switch over."

With his brother, Derek, being a Ray Guy Award Finalist at Baylor, how would you compare the two having coached both?

"I'd say they are both pretty comparable, I'd think that at this point Derek was a little further along maturity wise in terms of punting, and maybe consistent, but ceiling wise I think Ryan may be the overall better prospect. He probably has better leg strength and better flexibility, those kinds of things, and he'll do very well in college."

Do you see him having the same kind of success as his brother early in college?

"If given the chance, I definitely think he will have similar success. I fully expect to see both of them playing on Sundays."

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